I’ve updated All I Ever Wanted, The Sight, Unbonded and Nine Lives. I am working on The Experiment but definitely won’t have it up today.  Coming up after The Experiment is My Devotion. Jim gets out of the hospital, and shortly after, I will be working my way toward resolving the “Into Darkness” part of their story so I can move into “Beyond”. Funny after all this time in this story, Jim and Spock have yet to fully “copulate” and that will definitely be rectified soon.

I don’t really want to think about what comes after that, because I likely won’t get into those next stories until next week. I know what comes next, What Happened to Spock, and When I Loved You, but my mind isn’t even there yet.

Frankly even My Devotion’s update might squeak into next week if I can manage it because I need a break. I have explained my plan is to do a lot of comfort watching of shows and movies I enjoy and I’m just not going to make myself work very hard when I am at home on writing, so what writing I do will be at lunch at work. Mostly. And I have a half day Friday and a day off Monday, so you can see what that means.

Right now I need to take care of myself and I think you will agree with me. I will get done what I get done when I can, and please believe me, I am working on them, and want them updated as much as you do.