So last night I was looking for my DVDs of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (my favorite show, love Goren) to start watching episodes and while I was there, I also went through the movies I’d like to watch over the next 10 days.

So in no particular order, this is what I chose:

The Princess Bride


Rio Bravo

Erin Brokovich


Steel Magnolias

5 TOS Original Series Movies (I may skip the Motion Picture)

Seems like there are more I am forgetting! Anyway together with Criminal Intent that’s certainly a start. I am also betaing my friend, Kris’ book, so I have to allow time for that as well as to write the next couple of parts of my 100 Words story. And knowing me I will probably squeeze in a few episodes of Forensic Files.

Starting tomorrow afternoon, I am free to do as I please until Tuesday (when I have to go back to work), so yay!

Would be nice if I got started on the next chapter of My Devotion too! Not to mention I am still reading Needful Things by Stephen King and a book by Dr. Weil that M is making me read!