What’s next for me in the updating? Unbonded. Next for the Kirk and Spock in that story is some major Pon Farr and bonding action. As I think I said, it only has a three chapters of that left and one is the Pon Farr chapter coming up.

Then I am back to my boys in The Experiment. I look forward to that as both both are ridiculously smitten with each other.

Following that will by My Devotion. I am going to be continuing this story for some time as I think I will bring the timeline eventually into the Beyond time, etc… So while Jim may no longer be under the threat of Khan’s bunch, more adventure awaits.

We’ll see how far along I get with these as I’d also like to post more of The Sight and Nine Lives.

But I will be alone beginning Wednesday until June 16th and I have tendency to get absurdly lazy when I am and just watch stuff that makes me happy like movies and Star Trek.

I am looking to buy a new Loveseat from Wayfair this summer. I hope to do so soon. I have the one I want picked out, I am just watching prices, etc. I’ve never bought my own couch before as I have always gotten hand-me-downs, so I am pretty excited about it.

Anyway, that’s about it from me. Thanks for reading.