Okay I am currently working on the next chapter of My Devotion. No idea when it will be up as I have barely started it. That’s the last one that hasn’t been updated since October 2017.

I have chosen to delete off AO3, The Life You’re Given. Honestly I haven’t worked on it for the entire year of 2017 and I just don’t see myself getting back to it any time soon. It’s unfair to readers to leave something on there I probably will never finish. If I ever do, I will just upload the finished product in its entirety but I just don’t see that being something I will do at this point. It’s too bad because I loved the idea of exploring  a relationship between Jim and his teenaged nephew but I have simply lost the interest in the story and pursuing it.

I have also deleted Keep Forgetting. It’s not a story I want to finish at this point. It was a stupid story to begin with and I am ending it.

I had thoughts of updating The Thought of You is Consuming Me but now I don’t think I will this week. I’m not feeling it. We’ll see.

For the most part this year I think I am going to get away from the alternate universes in my fictions. My more popular ones seem to revolve around the guys on the ship and interacting that way. I love writing alternate scenarios but more and more people are losing interest in them as far as I can tell. My academy stories remain popular but other stories set in some other kind of universe or scenario, not so much.

What does this mean for the Winter Story I intended to write and post? I don’t know. I’ve wanted to do it for so long but I just don’t know if the interest will be there.

In any event, I think I need to spend some time finishing my older fics so I can finally be done with them.

In addition to deleting The Life Your Given, I have marked a couple of “on-going, open-ended” collections or stories as “completed” as I am unsure when or if I will add to those.

Thanks for your understanding