Beginning NSFW

Chapter 7

“T’hy’la?” Spock called out as he stepped into the frigid cold December day. It was just a couple of days until Christmas. And as Leonard and Nyota were busy bathing Oliver, Spock had noticed that Jim was nowhere to be seen.

“Here, Spock.”

He found Jim standing near the back porch, hands shoved into the pockets of his heavy coat, woolen hat pulled low over his ears. Snow flurries rained down on them.

“Are you ruminating?”

Jim laughed. “You got that from Bones.”

“Perhaps.” He stepped up behind Jim and wrapped his arms around his middle and pulled him close. “Is something amiss, Jim?”

“No, no. I just…wanted some air. Oliver’s cute, yeah?”

“Indeed. Though at times he smells.”

Jim’s laugh was a low, pleasing rumble. “I’m glad for him. Bones, I mean. He’s so excited and happy. I’ll miss them when they go back to Georgia.”

Spock nodded. “As will I. You have already purchased Oliver enough that the doctor will require another suitcase when he leaves.”

“I know. I got him one for Christmas.” Jim sighed. “Ever think about us, Spock?”


“Having a child. We could get a surrogate or whatever.”

“I did not think you wished for children.”

“Well. I don’t know. Not now. I mean, I waited forever to be with you, and yeah I know we’ve been together for a while now, but I want longer. Just you and me.” Jim fell silent for a moment. “Is that selfish?”

“Negative. And I feel the same. I want to be with you to the exclusion of others.” Spock closed his eyes and cuddled Jim closer.

“Mm. That’s nice. Are you sorry we invited Bones and Uhura?”

“Sorry is not exactly the word I would use,” Spock admitted. “Though if it were just us I would not be disappointed.”

“The holidays are supposed to be about spending time with family and friends.”

“I do not celebrate the holidays.”

Jim chuckled. “I know.”

Spock smiled slightly. “It is pleasing to see our friends. And I acknowledge I cannot keep you to myself at all times.”

“Nice thought though,” Jim said softly. “Maybe some day, down the line, we might consider getting a surrogate. I wouldn’t mind a little baby with pointed ears.”

“Or stunning blue eyes.”

“Both maybe. But not yet.”

“There is plenty of time, T’hy’la, should we wish to pursue the idea.” Spock nuzzled the side of Jim’s face. “Jim?”

“Yeah, honey?”

“Why did you choose the frigid outdoors to ruminate?”

His mate laughed again, a hearty, warm laugh that had Spock thinking wicked things even though it was not that long ago since he had moved within Jim’s body. Jim turned in his arms to face him and flung his arms around Spock’s next, kissing him, with snowflakes upon both their cheeks.

“God, I love you so much,” Jim exclaimed against Spock’s lips, most illogically.

“I return the sentiment though I am not entirely certain why I warranted such an enthusiastic declaration of your love.”

“You’re just the cutest Vulcan ever is all.”

“Could we not at least move onto the enclosed back porch?”

Jim grabbed his hand and they made their way up the steps and Jim opened the door to the enclosed porch and the stepped inside.

It was warmer.


Spock pulled Jim over to a chair and he sat, pulling Jim down onto his lap.

“Mm. This is nice. We can ruminate together.”

“It is still cold.”

“We won’t stay out here long,” Jim promised. He bit his lip. “But, um, do I feel you becoming aroused?”

Spock blushed. “Perhaps. You are very tempting like this.”

“Like what?”


He was rewarded with Jim’s richest, warmest laugh yet and Spock felt it all the way to his toes. He was in awe when Jim was like this. There was no other word for it. Spock could not suppress his feelings for this human no matter how he might try. And he did not even wish to do so.

“We can’t do it out here,” Jim said.

Spock arched a brow. “Can we not? We have before.”

“Bones and Uhura could come out here at any moment. And as you pointed out, it’s cold.”

“We will keep most of our clothes on.” Spock reached over to the chair beside Jim. “And we can have this blanket over us to help both with warmth and in case they come out to check on us.”

“Spock, are you actually suggesting we copulate right here on the back porch in his chair?”

Spock’s lips twitched. “Affirmative. You will have to remove more of your clothing, so we will cover you with the blanket.”

“Damn horny Vulcan.” But he was grinning.  Spock knew Jim was just as eager as he was despite his protests.

They removed Jim’s boots and then his pants as well as pulling Spock’s hard cock out from within the opening of his slacks, and then Jim straddled him. Spock pushed in slow and deep as he pulled the blanket around his mate to cover him.

Perhaps he should make it fast and hurried, given they might get caught by their guests at any time, but Spock did not, instead choosing to thrust slow and rather calmly up into Jim, as Jim leaned down to kiss him.

Spock kept on hand on Jim’s sharp hipbone to hold him there and the other he used to cradle Jim’s jaw as he moved up into him over and over.

Jim was breathtaking like this, Spock mused, as he watched Jim’s face. Just watching Jim was enough to make Spock lose control. He brought their foreheads together, touching there, getting his mates thoughts, feelings, physical reactions. He never could get enough of being connected to Jim this way. Every way he could be and then some.

“Spock,” Jim panted out, blue eyes meeting brown ones.

Spock arched up into Jim as he wrapped his fingers around Jim’s erection, jerking him quickly now, no longer interested in going slow.

They came together, their minds and bodies so in tune they could do nothing else, and the tremors afterward as they came down from their release wracked them for several minutes as Spock ran his hands on and down Jim’s back, soothingly.

“Is it wrong to feel such lust for one’s mate?” Spock whispered, actually wondering if it was. If there was some part of him who could not be Vulcan no matter what. But then what if this part came from his Vulcan side?

“Wrong? How could it be wrong?” Jim kissed him, fingers to fingers, soothing him in the way only Jim seemed able to do. “You’re my husband.”

“I do not have control with you,” Spock admitted.

Jim’s smile was the soft, amazing one he had only for Spock. “You don’t need to have control with me, ashayam.”

Spock closed his eyes, letting the Vulcan word wash over him. Though Jim rarely spoke in Vulcan to him, Spock found it very pleasing when he did. His pronunciation was perfection.

“Taluhk nash-veh k’dular, S’chn T’gai Spock.”

It was like a gift and Spock tightened his hold on Jim.

But after a while they both began to squirm as the cold air began to affect them even within the closed in porch and so Jim lifted off Spock with a kiss to his nose and began to re-clothe himself.

Spock rather lazily redid the fastenings on his pants and pulled down his sweater.

“We should invest in anti-bacterial wipes or something,” Jim joked.

Just then they both turned at the sound of an arriving hover car. Spock, without even really thinking about it, immediately pushed Jim behind him, though Jim squawked in protest.

But as they exited the enclosed porch they immediately saw it was friends.

“Hikaru, Ben…Jaylah?” Jim exclaimed. The Sulus little girl, who was not so little anymore at about eleven, got out next.

“Uncle Jim,” Demora exclaimed, running toward him and throwing her arms around his thick jacket.

Good thing we were done.

I had the same thoughts.

“Hey pumpkin pie.” He looked at the adults. “What are you doing here?”

“Sorry, Captain,” Sulu said. “When we heard about Leonard’s son, well, we couldn’t resist.”

“We came to see the baby!” Demora said excitedly.

Jim eyed Jaylah. “You too?”

“Does that surprise you, James T?”

“A little,” Jim admitted. “Everyone come on inside. It’s freezing out here.”

Jim led them inside and Spock let them all precede him as they entered the warmth of the farmhouse.

He had absolutely no idea where they would put them all. The farmhouse was decent sized but it was not a boarding house by any means and though Spock supposed it was a tiny bit illogical he began to resent all this merriment. He liked having Jim to himself.

The holidays are all about friends and family, Spock.

I know, Adun.

Soft Christmas music was playing and as Hikaru and Ben and their daughter descended on the doctor, demanding turns to hold Oliver, Jaylah stood back, watching carefully, until Jim caught her attention and she began to speak with him.

Nyota joined Spock, smiling.  “A little overwhelming for you?”

Spock hesitated. “I know that it makes Jim happy. And the rest of you as well.”

“But it does overwhelm you?”


She rested her hand on his arm. “I’ll try to make sure you get alone time with Jim, don’t worry.”

Spock watched as Jim gestured widely and laughed as he talked to their newest visitors. “He misses them.”

“You had to know he’d miss command. It’s in his blood.”

“Illogical,” Spock murmured.

“Yes.” She laughed. “The question is, where are we going to put them all? Jaylah and Demora can room with me I guess. Ben and Hikaru with Leonard and Oliver?”

Spock blew out a breath. “We will figure it out. It is only for a few days more.” Spock hoped.

She leaned up and kissed his cheek. “It’ll be okay, Spock.”

Nyota moved off to fuss over the baby with everyone else. Spock watched as Sulu pulled out box after box of brightly wrapped presents which Jaylah kept putting under their tree.

And Jim…he moved toward Spock and Spock had to admit, he needed his T’hy’la’s presence just then.

“Uh, sorry,” Jim said, putting his arm around Spock’s waist.

“For what do you apologize?”

“Well. All of this. I know you didn’t want any of this and now—”

“It is not really that different than when we were on the Enterprise,” Spock admitted. “We did not get a lot of time to ourselves then either. Of course Oliver is new.”

“He is. And so damn cute I want to eat him up.”

Spock shook his head. Humans.

“And it’s great having Demora too. She’s so excited to be here. I’ve never had Christmas with kids before.”

“Nor have I.”

Jim laughed. “Well, you never had Christmas before. I mean not much anyway. Before I forced you into it.”

“You did not force me. I would participate in anything that pleases you.”

Jim laughed and it was way too sexy. “I know that, honey.” He spoke low and winked and Spock found himself blushing.

Ben game around holding a bottle of champagne and glasses and offering them up as he poured them and Jim and Spock both took one. They all did.

Demora came to Jim again and shyly asked Jim to come sit with her. Spock remembered Sulu saying his daughter wanted to be in command in Starfleet someday and was a little enamored of Jim. Spock could understand that.

Jim went with her willingly and they sat on the couch while she showed him her PADD and he looked at everything she showed him and commented a lot about it too. She was glowing.

Leonard came next to Spock, holding Oliver. “You okay, Spock?”

“Yes, doctor. May I?”

Leonard smiled and handed him the six month old, who immediately smiled and reached for Spock’s ears. “He likes you. A lot.”

“He has good taste.” Spock allowed himself to smile back at the boy. “Hello, Oliver. You are a lucky boy. You are surrounded by a family that will love you more than you ever thought possible. You are a child of two worlds. And I know something about that.”

He caught Jim’s gaze who winked and Spock felt warm with love. And contentment.

Perhaps Vulcans did not feel happy, but Spock…did.

“Happy Holidays everyone,” Sulu called out.

And they drank from their champagne.

“Little one,” Spock said softly to Oliver. This time Oliver got a hold of Spock’s ears and pulled with rather a lot of glee which made his papa laugh.

Spock did not mind.