Chapter 6

First part of chapter is nsfw

“Stop, Mister Grabby.” Jim swatted Spock’s hands away with a laugh. “If you start that, we’ll never get back downstairs.”

Spock gave him a sly look. “Would that be so terrible, T’hy’la?”

“Well, not to me, honey, but we do have guests. Whom we both invited. It might be rude to spend the whole time pawing at each other up here.”

Spock drew him near, back plastered to Spock’s chest. He leaned down and planted a soft kiss on Jim’s shoulder where he had just recently sucked a mark. “It is your fault for being so enticing.”

Jim chuckled. “And yours for being such a horny Vulcan.”

“You were not complaining a short time ago,” Spock reminded him.

“Oh, baby, I never would. I’ll never tire of making love with you.”

“When we are both one hundred and fifty we will still be all over each other,” Spock whispered in his ear.

“Now that’s a beautiful thought.”

Spock turned Jim’s face toward him and ran kisses along his jaw. “You are not yet clothed, it would take no time at all to copulate one more time before going down.”

Jim gasped as Spock’s hands slipped down to his briefs covered ass. “Well I—”

Spock yanked them down to Jim’s knees. Jim closed his eyes, leaning back against Spock as he heard Spock lower the zipper of the pants he’s already dressed in.

“Are you sure?” he moaned out. “You might soil your slacks.”

“I will change them,” Spock assured him. He rubbed his erection along the crease of Jim’s ass.

“Ah, fuck.”

He was impaled on Spock’s slicked cock, Spock sliding in easily after their recent activities.

It was a slow, steady joining, Spock thrusting in carefully like they had all the time in the world. He held Jim easily to him with one hand on his hip and the other wrapped around Jim’s now aching cock. His mouth and teeth latched onto the pulse point of Jim’s throat, no doubt marking him further, but neither of them cared. Spock liked marking Jim as his and Jim liked being marked.

Jim kept his own noises to just heavy pants this time so as not to make quite as much of a spectacle of themselves, but it was hard, because Spock was expertly nailing his prostate and stroking his dick until Jim could barely contain his mewling, shuddering self.

“Adun,” Spock groaned as his pumps began to speed up. His grasp on Jim’s erection tightened, jerking Jim frantically until Jim couldn’t take it anymore. He cried out as he came with a burst of cum splattering the wooden floor in front of him. Only moments later, Spock filled him with his own release.

Jim sagged against him. “Do we have to take another shower?”

“No, my Jim, we will simply…wash off.”

“Your sex drive, man.” He shook his head and straightened up and away from his Vulcan. “How did I survive Pon Farr?”

“Very well indeed,” Spock replied with some amusement. He was eying Jim with undisguised admiration.

“I’m cleaning up and getting dressed in the bathroom,” Jim announced as he rolled his eyes. “Sheesh.”

“Perhaps that would be wise.”


They made it down the stairs, both of them, twenty minutes later. Bones and Uhura were still in the kitchen working on baking. Freshly baked cinnamon rolls were laid out on the dining room table and they had, apparently, moved on to sugar cookies.

Jim smiled and approached Bones. “Love the flour in your hair.”

“Oh bug off.”

Jim laughed. “Smells good.” He went to refill his coffee mug from before.

The doorbell rang.

“What the hell? We’re all here so—”

He set the mug down on the counter and headed for the front door. Spock was right behind him. He opened the door to a stranger.

“Got the wrong house?” Jim guessed.

The man, an older white haired man, frowned. “I am looking for Leonard McCoy. My information is that he’s staying here.”

Bones suddenly appeared behind Jim. “I’m Leonard McCoy. ”

The man nodded. “AJ Sorenson. I have news of your wife—”


“Hm. Anyway, as I was saying there was an accident. An explosion and Jaidou was killed.”

Bones sucked in a breath.

Jim stepped close and put his hand on Bones’ shoulder. “Bones.”

AJ Sorenson continued, now holding up a PADD. “Your wife provided in your will that you were to receive full custody of the child arising from—”

Bones made a strangled sound. “Excuse me. What?”

Sorenson turned around and spoke to someone. “Bring the child.”

A woman, an Orion herself stepped forward, holding a bundled infant. She handed the infant to Sorenson who held it toward Bones.

“This is your son with Jaidou.”

Bones stared at the baby, who was about six months old and lightly green. “But…she never…what?”

Sorenson shrugged. “Apparently because of the demise of your marriage she didn’t alert you to her condition. Her Orion family will not care for the child in any event, so you, as his next of kin, are responsible now.” He placed the baby into Bones’ arms who held him like he might break.

Jim moved close. “Oh, my God. He’s so cute.”

Bones’ eyes filled with tears. “What’s his name?”

“Oliver,” Sorenson said. “Oliver McCoy. If you will excuse us, we would like to be on our way, before the snowstorm starts.”

Bones only had eyes for the baby. He just nodded. The woman handed Jim a bag.

“These are his things. There is a PADD that has all his legal information,” she said, then followed after Sorenson.

“Holy smokes,” Jim breathed.

Bones was rapidly blinking his eyes. “I-I have a son. A baby son.”

“He is beautiful, Leonard,” Spock said softly.

Jim glanced at Spock and smiled, then back to the infant. “Talk about life changing.”

“Yeah,” Bones said. He gave a watery laugh. “I can’t believe I didn’t know.”

Jim leaned in and touched his finger to the baby’s tiny little hand. Oliver. He stared at Jim in wonder. “Hi little guy. I’m your Uncle Jim.”

“Wow,” Uhura said, coming over from the kitchen. “He is so cute! Oh, Leonard. What a wonderful gift. But it sure seems like Jaidou had more secrets than even you knew.”


“Perhaps it would be wise to close the front door and bring Oliver into the warmth of the house,” Spock said as he went over to close the still open front door.

Jim went to him and put his arm around Spock’s waist, drawing him near. “Well, now this is shaping up to be quite the grand celebration. Wouldn’t you say?”


“I’ll have to get more things for him,” Bones said as they all moved out of the hallway toward the delicious smelling, warm kitchen.

“That’s going to be one spoiled boy,” Uhura said with a grin. “We can all go shopping tomorrow.”

Bones was transfixed as his son grabbed onto his finger and smiled toothlessly at him. “Coochie coochie coo.”

Spock frowned. “Coochie coochie coo, Jim?”

“Um, yeah, honey. It’s, um, sort of baby talk.”

“Baby talk?”

“Never mind. Weird human stuff.”

Spock arched a brow and then nodded, moving off to make himself tea.