See that picture? Last year we had an Autumn tea and this was one of our tables. Yes, I am too cute. You can admit it.

I posted my holiday story #1, Celebrate Me Home. It’s not getting a lot of love, unfortunately. Lucky you, you get to see the chapters on Fridays and the three people reading it on AO3 will see them Sundays until the end of the year.

My other holiday story will be posted all at once when it’s finished, sometime in December.

This week I will be working on Tonight I’m F**king You, so be prepared for sex. HA. After that comes Who’s the Daddy and Young and Beautiful. If I get to all of that. No guarantees.

M has begun his overtime so I am driving myself into work this week except for Tuesday when we go to the movies. I believe we are seeing Murder on the Orient Express. Gas prices are outrageous right now, so that kind of sucks.

It’s supposed to get into the high 70s here for the next couple of weeks. I was hoping for cooler but it was not to be!

Saturday was a bad bad bad asthma day for me. It lingers in my lungs when I get a cold so that’s what was happening. I had less issues Sunday but I still had coughing fit episodes.

Otherwise I am fairly unexciting right now, I am sorry to say.