Take a look at those temperatures. That’s my week! Oiye! This week is going to be murder! I hate when October gets like this.

Those days with the thermometers there is an excessive heat warning.

I hope it comes back down by this coming Saturday, October 28th, because my house desperately needs to be cleaned. I am quite embarrassed by it. But who wants to clean when it’s a million degrees. Yes folks, currently it is hotter here than it is in Vegas right now.

In other news I turned Sheer Determination into a one-shot. It’s going to be two chapters. The current full first chapter is up at AO3. Look for the conclusion and second chapter up later this week.

I finished the chapter of What Happened to Spock and put it live. It’s sort of a transitional chapter.

I think my Cinderella story, When I Fall in Love, is up next after that so I hope to get working on that this week.

This year we have decided to go out to Thanksgiving dinner next month so over the weekend we picked our restaurant and I made the reservation.

We plan on seeing Geostorm this week. Didn’t do so well in the box office but it’s a disaster movie, I’m sure it’s terrible, they all are. LOL.

Other than that I have not much to say. Had a quiet weekend where I sort of just lazed around like a sloth.


Almost forgot, here’s the cheesecake! It was soooo good.