My prompt this week was a dessert shared in celebration after a successful mission

“This seems to be a very strange custom, Captain.”

I eyed my first officer over the banana split that lay between us.

“It’s not a custom, Mister Spock.” I scooped up a bite of surprisingly creamy goodness. “Although it ought to be.”

“If it is not a custom, then why did you suggest it?”

I sighed. Or mentally anyway. On the outside, I smiled. “Just as a celebration for a successful mission.”

Spock frowned minutely. “We have had, surprisingly, several successful missions. And yet you have never suggested indulging in banana splits before.”

I decided to ignore the surprisingly comment. “It just seemed fun to do. You need to have more fun, Spock.”

He contemplated this while he dipped his spoon in the ice cream covered in pineapple. Or what passed for it anyway. “Fun. Do you refer to the sort of fun you had when you engaged in intercourse with the prime minister’s niece?”

I sputtered out ice cream. “No! And-and…you know about that?”

“She was very vocal in her appreciation of your attributes.”

I felt myself blush and covered it by wiping a napkin over my mouth. “That-that was a while ago.”

“For which I am grateful.”

I cleared my throat. “Anyway, you could, I don’t know. Feed me.” I laughed to show I was joking.

Predictably, he did not get it. “Feed you, Captain? Is there something that has rendered you incapable of tending to this basic function?”

I sighed out loud this time. “No, Spock. Forget it. And honestly, you’re in my quarters eating a banana split naked, I think considering that, you can consider calling me Jim.”

“You make a valid point.”

I smiled at that and lowered my gaze as I went to spoon more ice cream. But as I looked up, I noticed Spock holding out his spoon toward me, ice cream covered in pineapple sauce.

My smile widened to a grin, as I leaned in to take the bite. Just as I did, he turned the spoon and the ice cream and sauce landed on my chest and began to slide down my torso.

Spock’s eyes were warm as he glanced at the pathway the ice cream took. “Very clumsy of me. I suppose I shall have to eat that.”

I sucked in a breath.

“Perhaps you are correct, Captain.” Spock began to lower himself on the bed toward my lap. “This should become a custom.”