A kiss under aurora borealis type lights

His captain seemed strangely quiet as they continued to explore the planet. Generally it was rare for Jim to shut up. Spock believed it was likely due to the personal transmission he’d received that day and though Spock had tried to hint to Jim that he would like to know what it was, Jim pretended not to take the hint. But Spock knew he was troubled.

The sky was becoming night as Jim stepped toward the edge of the cliff, he stopped, staring at the multi-colored purple and bluish lights that stretched across the sky.

“Aurora borealis,” Jim said softly.

Spock glanced at them. “The aurora borealis lights are the result of electrons colliding with the reaches of the planet’s atmosphere.”


He looked to Jim, who he noticed was not looking at him, but at the lights. “Yes, Captain?”

“They’re just pretty.”

Tearing his gaze away from the beauty of Jim’s profile, Spock looked at the lights once more. “Indeed.”

He stepped closer to Jim so that even though they were not touching, he could feel the heat of Jim’s body.

His gaze on Jim’s face once more, Spock slipped his index and forefingers toward Jim’s hand. Jim didn’t shift his gaze from the lights but his hand moved an inch toward Spock, accepting the touch of Spock’s straying fingers. Their fingers touched and Spock stroked along the familiar knuckles. He heard the tiniest hitch of breath from his captain.

The captain’s communicator beeped. With his other hand, he removed it from his belt. “Kirk here.”

“We’re ready to beam you and Mister Spock up now, Cap’n,” Mister Scott said cheerfully.

Jim’s blue gaze finally strayed to Spock’s. It was Spock’s turn to catch his breath.

Jim smiled. He did not move his hand from Spock’s. “Energize.”