Navigating the Relationship  from My Spirk One Shot Collection, Part 3. Love these two!

Bones peered down at Jim as stood in front of the mirror in their dorm room. “You’re not going out with that guy again, are you?”

“That guy’s name is Spock.  And of course I am. I really like him.”

Bones snorted. “You like every guy.”

“Do not.” Jim looked back at Bones in the mirror. “And I really like him. You know. Like maybe more than like.”

“Save me from lovesick cadets.”

Jim laughed. “I’m not sick. But love? Yeah. I’m pretty sure.”

Bones rolled his eyes as Jim turned away from the mirror. “Does the hobgoblin feel the same way?”

“He’s a Vulcan, Bones.”

“I know what he is. Does he?”

Jim shrugged. “I’m pretty sure. Vulcans don’t really do casual dating, Bones. And we’ve, well, you know.”

“Don’t even put that image in my head, kid.”

“Ah, Bones, does it bug you that Spock and I are doing the nasty?”

“You wish.” There was a knock at the door. “That’s your prince charming now.”

Bones went to the door and opened it. Sure enough, Spock stood there dressed in black slacks and a black sweater.  “Come in, Spock.”

“Doctor. It is pleasant to see you.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Jim smiled. “Hey, Spock. Let me just grab my jacket.” He pulled on his coat and then headed to the door where Spock stood. He looked back at Bones. “Don’t wait up.”

“Like I would.”

“Good, cause, um, might not even come back.” Jim grinned. “Night, Bones.”

“Where shall we go for dinner?” Spock asked when they were alone.

“Your apartment?”

Spock arched a brow. “While I am not opposed to that, I do not have any food to prepare for us. If you had indicated such a preference prior to this moment, I would have had the provisions.”

“Well, I was trying to be spontaneous.”

“There is a small market near my apartment,” Spock told him. “We could purchase the required product for our meal.”

Jim smiled. “Yeah? You mean it?”

“Of course. If that is what you wish, Jim.”

“Yeah, it is.”

They made their way to the little market by Spock’s house and Jim felt so happy and hopeful. It had taken him forever to get Spock to notice him. And when Spock had finally expressed an interest in Jim, he didn’t even know that’s what Spock was doing.

The first time they’d kissed, which was after the third date, boy was Jim patient, it was some Vulcan thing with fingers. It took another three dates before they human kissed.  That was quite satisfactory because they’d ended up kissing and kissing and kissing.

Finally their seventh date was the magic number and he and Spock had finally had sex.  They’d been happily having sex ever since. Well okay so this was only their tenth date. But they’d totally done it a lot during the seventh, eighth and ninth dates.

It was during their eighth date that Jim knew he was totally and completely in love with Spock. He wanted Spock to ask him to move in with him, but so far, he had not done so. Jim didn’t want to ask. But really, he spent more time at Spock’s anyway.

“Hang on, Spock,” Jim said as they entered the store. “I’m going to get that wine I like. I’ll be over at the pasta in a second.”

Spock arched a brow. “You would like pasta?”

Jim grinned. “Well yeah. Be right back.”

He went over to the chilled wine refrigerator and took out his wine.

“Jim? Jimmy Kirk?”

Startled Jim turned to see a man rushing toward him. A very familiar man.


Sean Finnegan smiled wide. “Jimmy! I can’t believe it as I live and breathe! How long has it been?”

Jim blinked, shook his head. “Um. You dumped me my first year in Starfleet Academy.”

“Well, now I think dump is a wee bit of an exaggeration, Jimmy.”

“You wanted to explore other relationships.”

Finnegan nodded. “Yes. Hardly dumping you. And what luck running into you like this. Go to dinner with me.”

“Well, actually, Finnegan—”

Finnegan suddenly pushed Jim up against the wine fridge and kissed him.

A throat cleared.

Jim pushed Finnegan off him. “Spock!”

Finnegan wiped his mouth. “Who is this, Jimmy?”

“I am his jealous Vulcan boyfriend,” Spock replied.

“What?” Finnegan asked.

Jim laughed. “Yeah, and um, we’re busy. So if you don’t mind, Finnegan.” Jim waved at him and grabbed Spock to go to the next aisle. “Sorry about that, Spock.”

“I am well aware you had prior relationships, Jim.”

Jim bit his lip. “Yeah.”

“If you have made your selections, I am ready to check out.”

“Okay, yeah.”


“So, um,” Jim said, sipping his wine. Spock was making pasta and vegetables in the kitchen. “Spock?”

“Yes, Jim?”

“You told Finnegan you’re my boyfriend.”

“I did.”

“Are you?”

Spock arched his brow. “Am I not?”

Jim smiled and set his wine down. “Yeah, but you know so far, we haven’t really called each other anything like that.”

“Humans are illogical.”

Jim went into the kitchen and took the spoon out of Spock’s hand. He put his arms around Spock’s neck and leaned in for a kiss.

A moment later, Spock murmured, “If we are going to engage in coitus, I will need to turn off the fire.”

Jim laughed against Spock’s mouth. “Are we going to?”

“It would seem we have done so frequently lately.”

“Are you complaining, Spock?”

“Certainly not.”

Jim kissed the corner of Spock’s mouth. “I love you.”

Spock closed his eyes and kissed Jim. “I love you also.”


“Did you think otherwise?”

“Well. You’re hard to read.”

“I would not have engaged in coitus with you if I did not.”

Jim sighed. “I don’t know how I got so lucky as to get you.”

“You definitely have me. Now I have an important question for you, Jim.”


“When are you going to stop pretending you still live with the doctor?”

Jim laughed and hugged Spock. “Tonight?”

“That would be agreeable.”