My Prompt was Something Amusing about Space Husbands and this is what I came up with. This is NSFW. 

Jim grimaced at the first taste of too bitter coffee and reached to add more cream to it just as the cream container was snatched out of his hand and moved aside. “Hey!”

“Your cholesterol is up,” Bones muttered as he sat down directly next to Jim, which was not his habit. Usually Bones planted himself across from Jim. He thrust his PADD at Jim. “Mind explaining this?”

Jim thrust it back. “Bones, I have a headache the size of Cincinnati so really, can’t we do this another time?”

“No.” Bones shoved it into Jim’s arms. “You’d better think fast, Jimbo.”

Jim scrunched up his face and read out loud.

Rumor has it that only the Fleet’s most famous captain and first officer are secretly  getting horizontal every chance they get, and readers we do mean, every chance and everywhere, and may even be secret space husbands. What say you readers? Are these rumors true?

Jim set it in front of Bones. “So?”

“Sound like anyone you know?”

Jim shrugged and took another sip of the coffee, grimacing once more. “Not really. And since when have you been reading those anonymous gossip columns?”

“I have to have a life somehow. Might as well live through other people.”

“Except all that shit is made up, Bones. I mean, seriously, who are they even talking about?”

Bones pushed the cream over to Jim. “Stop looking forlorn. And come on, don’t play dumb blond with me. You know it’s you and Spock.”

Jim burst out laughing even as he poured cream, lots of it, into the coffee. “First of all, no way. And second of all, no way. And third, Spock and I aren’t famous.”

“Oh so famous.”

“We are not. Look, I don’t know who they’re talking about there, if any actual real person, but I can assure you that it’s not us.” He grabbed Bones’ face and turned his head so he was looking at the corner of the room where Spock and Uhura were sitting at a table for two and looking very intimate. “What does that look like to you?”

“Well.” Bones huffed. “It sounds like you.”

“It’s not. Or if it is, it’s just made up to amuse gullible idiots like you.”

“Who are you calling an idiot?” Bones stood. “I guess I’ll be going back to the medbay. Dinner later?”

Jim smiled. “You got it. I need to head to the bridge myself.” He took a few more unsatisfying sips of coffee, then headed out of the mess and to the turbolift. The doors were about to close when an arm, encased in science blue shot out and stopped it.

“One day you’re going to lose an arm doing that, Mister Spock.” He pulled the lever. “Bridge.”

Spock stepped past him and stopped the lift.

“What are you doing?”

Spock arched a brow. “I believe you are aware what I am doing, Captain.”

Jim watched, wide-eyed, as Spock dropped to his knees in front of him and began to undo the zipper of his pants. “Spock! Not here. Not again.”

“Yes, here.”

“But, Jesus, everyone’s getting suspicious and—” Spock pulled his cock out of his pants and swallowed him down. “Oh, fuck.”

He lost himself to the sensation of Spock sucking his dick, deep throating him. He threaded his fingers into Spock’s hair, clutching him there while he rutted into Spock’s mouth.

“This is-is so inappropriate,” he gasped as his hips rocked and his legs began to feel like jelly. Spock’s hands gripped his legs then like a vise, holding him up while he swallowed Jim deep. His release hit him suddenly, powerful and hard, and he flooded Spock’s mouth with his seed when Spock refused to let go until he’d milked Jim’s cock to the last.

Jim leaned heavily against the bulkhead and Spock removed a cloth from his pocket, wiped Jim off, and then methodically tucked his captain back into his pants and zipped him up.

Spock stood, used another cloth to wipe his mouth, and as Jim watched with half closed eyes, took out a spray bottle which he then sprayed into his open mouth.

Jim huffed out a laugh. “You’re something else.”

“So you have said.”

“Bones is starting to suspect.”

“It is you who has kept our relationship a secret from the doctor. I have no real objection to him learning.”

Jim sighed and closed his eyes. “I know. It’s just he’s such a pain and so smug about things.” He straightened away from the bulkhead, opening his eyes again. “I’ll tell him. Or we could just walk into the medbay and kiss in front of him.”

“Whenever we kiss we begin to engage in coitus. I am not certain you wish for him to see that.”

Jim nodded. “Good point.” He grabbed Spock’s collar and kissed him thoroughly. “You still taste a bit like me.”

“Cannot be helped.”

Jim went to the lever. “Ready, Commander?”

“Ready, Captain.”

They reached the bridge and Jim went to his chair. He’d been there only for a few seconds when his PADD dinged a message.


Eyes bugging out, Jim typed back,

What? You saw?


OMG Perv!   

And I think I’m owed a case of scotch.

Jim sighed and went to put his PADD aside when another message appeared.

And brain and eye bleach. Those too.