Prompt today is the same for both me and Kris. Write a fic containing this line:

“Will you have sex with me?” This is mine.



“Will you have sex with me?”

Spock looked up from his PADD. He was seated on a bench in the Academy atrium trying to concentrate on his lesson plan. And failing even before the extraordinary cadet with the bluest eyes he had ever seen approached him.

The cadet was tall, not quite as tall as Spock, but close, with golden hair to go with those bluest of eyes. The cadet was very good looking by Terran standards or Vulcan standards for that matter. In fact, Spock believed he would be hard pressed to find an alien race that did not appreciate the aesthetic appeal of this cadet.

“Hello.” The cadet smiled widely. “I really am sorry to bother you and I know my question is really bold. But see my friends claim that I could get absolutely anyone to have sex with me and I am telling them it’s absolute rubbish. I promise after you say no I’ll never bother you again. So. Will you have sex with me?” he asked again.

“Cadet Kirk, correct?”

His smile faltered for a moment before brightening again. “Yeah, that’s right.”

Spock nodded. “Yes, I will have sex with you.”


Spock arched a brow. “The answer to your query is, in fact, yes.”

Kirk’s jaw dropped. “But-but you’re an instructor and a-a commander and a-a Vulcan.”

“I am, indeed, all three of those things, although currently I am on leave from active instruction.” Spock rose and stuffed his PADD into his book bag. “My apartment is close by.”

“We’re really going to have sex?” Kirk asked, his blue eyes wide.

Spock hesitated, suddenly uncertain. “Or did you only ask me, specifically, to provide sport for yourself and your friends, not actually having any true desire to engage in sexual activity?”

Kirk was staring at him. “No. I mean, no. I…” His tongue came out to trace his lips. “I’d, um, I’d like to, uh, to have sex with you.”

Spock nodded. “Then we may proceed to my apartment.”

Kirk adjusted his own book bag on his shoulder. His skin was flushed red to match his cadet uniform. “Okay.”

Spock turned to walk down the pathway that would lead to the street and then about half a block to his apartment building. He trusted Cadet Kirk to follow him and sure enough Kirk trailed just a bit behind him as he walked.

The truth was this was highly unusual and perhaps even illogical behavior for him. But after his recent communication from Vulcan regarding the breaking of his bond by T’Pring, with whom he’d been connected since he was seven, Spock was feeling strangely bereft. He had no particular fondness for T’Pring, but she had expressed her opinion that Spock was entirely lacking. Given his recent failed attempt at a relationship with Nyota, Spock had begun to wonder if perhaps it really was him.

So perhaps his agreement to engage in copulation with Kirk was impulsive, but Spock intended to go through with it.

He opened the doors to the building and held them aside for Kirk to pass through. Kirk gave him a rather tentative smile and then  walked through the doors. Spock’s gaze lowered to Kirk’s ass.

Kirk looked over his shoulder. “Are you checking me out?”


He laughed at that. “You’re certainly not subtle.”

Spock held the lift doors open for Kirk to go in. “What would be the point? And besides, it is you who approached me.”

“Yeah, yeah, I did.” Kirk leaned against the wall of the lift. “I didn’t think you’d agree though.”

The lift doors opened onto the corridor containing his apartment. “Having second thoughts?”


They stopped at Spock’s apartment and he provided his access to open the door. “After you, Cadet.”

Kirk went inside. “Since we’re about to fuck, you probably ought to call me Jim.”


“Have you-have you ever done this?”

“Had sex?”

“Well, yeah. I mean I’ve heard Vulcans aren’t really very casual about these  sorts of things.”

“We are not,” Spock acknowledged. “The bedroom is that way.” He pointed.

Kirk bit his lip and nodded.

“You have done this before yourself, correct?”

“Well. Um. Yeah. I mean, I’ve had sex. With, you know, girls. And I’ve done blow jobs with guys.”

“But no actual intercourse?”

“No,” Kirk admitted. “Wanted to, though. You have lube?”

“Vulcans secrete natural lubrication for the act of coitus.”

Kirk smiled a little. “That’s handy, isn’t it?”

He sort of shrugged and then headed for the bedroom, shedding his cadet’s jacket and undershirt while he went. Spock could appreciate the efficiency of that.

He had chosen a rather large bed when he’d rent this apartment and at the moment, imagining Kirk nude in his bed was a very arousing thing.

Kirk sat on the edge of it and toed off his boots. Though Spock knew he should be removing his own clothing, he desired to watch Kirk removing his, for every movement from the young cadet was highly erotic to Spock.

Especially each time that tongue stuck out.

Kirk laid on his back as his hands went to the fastenings of his trousers. Spock’s penis filled and rose against his regulation briefs in anticipation. The slow sound of Kirk’s zipper being lowered increased his heart rate by several beats.

As Kirk shimmied out of his trousers, his tongue poked out between his lips and Spock could not stand it one minute more. He knelt on the edge of the bed, leaned down and sucked Kirk’s tongue into his mouth, drawing out a needy moan.

When Kirk gasped for air against him, his blown pupils swallowing that cornflower blue, Spock allowed him the chance to breathe. He stared intently at Spock.

“God, we’re really going to do this, aren’t we?”

Spock stroked his fingers along Kirk’s left cheek. “Affirmative.”


“Jim.” Spock gazed down at that incredible smile. “Will you have sex with me?”

“Oh yeah.”