Not a whole lot to say this week.

I got my raise and bonus information at work today. Naturally not as much as I would have liked but that seems to be the way of things. There’s talk of layoffs so I hope I survive that.

I’m about half done with my T’hy’la Big Bang story and we had our first check-in over the weekend. I’m not supposed to say much about it, if anything, but I think I am okay to say I am involved.

I’m going away for the wine tasting weekend I think I mentioned earlier so there won’t be any updates from me on AO3 or otherwise Friday-Sunday. I will be skipping Flash Fic Friday this week, too, but you can expect it back March 17th.

I updated Dating a Vulcan today, which was next in line. I haven’t really looked at my spreadsheet to see what comes after that, but once I do I will try to get the next update up before I leave Friday. Since I also have other stuff to write on the side we shall see if it gets done.

April is going to be a super busy month for me so regular posting may suffer. We will see. I’ve got a little getaway at the beginning, a birthday party for a two year old, Cousins visiting, other birthdays, it’s really a mess of a month, honestly.

So that’s the current scoop from me.