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Christmas 2020

Let Nothing You Dismay, Chapter 16


Chapter Sixteen: The Next Level

Adult Content

The feel of Jim pressed down against him, those round buttocks pressing into Spock’s burgeoning erection, pulled an unbidden moan from Spock’s lips. He found himself rising on the sofa, eager to touch as much of Jim as he could.

He slipped his hands under the maroon sweater, fingers splaying over bare skin, soft and hot to the touch. Though fanciful, Spock would not have been entirely surprised if a glowing light would have come off Jim’s skin wherever he touched it.

Jim’s hungry kisses were unlike anything Spock had ever truly experienced. In previous lovers, Human kisses were not really something he spent a lot of time indulging in.

When Jim moved his mouth off Spock’s, Spock chased it back, eager to feel more of the press of those warm, chapped lips seeking his.

Jim laughed, breathless, as he once more attempted to pull away. “Have you got…?”

“Yes,” Spock rasped. “Bathroom.”

Jim nodded and kissed Spock again, pressing down once more against Spock’s hard length, driving Spock to distraction.  

Spock growled low in his throat.

Jim pulled back, arched both brows. “Somebody’s impatient.”


Jim grinned and made to move off of Spock’s lap, but Spock was, admittedly, reluctant to let Jim go, even to obtain what they both needed to continue.

But eventually, Jim smacked Spock’s hands away, and scooted off Spock’s lap, allowing Spock to catch his breath and get control of himself.

From his place on the couch he watched Jim go into the bathroom and open the sole cabinet under the sink. When Spock thought he could actually stand without having something humiliating happen, he got to his own feet.

His erection was pressing uncomfortably against the confinement of his trousers. He was also aware he’d created a wet spot there from his leaking cock.

Jim came out of the bathroom holding the bottle of lubricant. He wasted no time tossing it onto Spock’s bed as he then grabbed the hem of his pullover sweater and yanked it off over his head.

And if Spock thought he’d finally gotten himself together, he was wrong. The sight of Jim’s pecs and abs had Spock embarrassingly panting.

His mouth felt dry and he swallowed heavily as Jim’s fingers moved to the waistband of his pants in preparation to remove them.

But then Jim paused, noticing Spock just stood there, mouth gaped open.

“Think you might want to join me?” Jim’s tone was amusingly teasing.

He was so gorgeous, Spock felt a little out of Jim’s league in a way he could not remember ever feeling.   

Spock took a few steps to the bed, just enough to reach Jim and pull him close, once more sealing their lips together.

Jim then began to help Spock out of his clothes, and when, finally, the task of stripping them both was done, they fell on to the coverlet on the bed, hands and lips reaching out and seeking each other.

At first it seemed to be a contest of whom could pin whom to bed, but finally Spock’s superior strength paid off and he had Jim wriggling beneath him, blue eyes sparkling with a heady mixture of laughter and desire.

Fastening his mouth to Jim’s, Spock kissed him long and lingering, wanting to take their time, but his body unwilling to let him do so.

Running his hands all over Jim’s golden skin, Spock fingers and palm tingling with their connection, he flipped Jim over onto his stomach, as Jim handed him the lubricant.

He carefully prepared Jim, slipping slicked fingers inside until Jim was stretched and ready.

Spock hovered over him, running his hands over Jim’s smooth, muscled back, then moving them down to Jim’s ass cheeks, parting them as Spock got into position.

The first push inside there was resistance. He pulled out, then pushed back in, this time fully entering Jim.

They began a slow rhythm. Spock thrusting forward and Jim rising up, pushing against Spock to get him in deeper.  Spock kept one hand gripping Jim’s hipbone and the other moved up toward Jim’s face, unable to resist the temptation of a shallow meld.

His fingertips barely touch the points of Jim’s face when Jim groaned out, shuddering beneath him, finding his release in the coverlet. There was almost a spark to the pads of Spock’s fingers as his own body jolted just before he released into the body of the human beneath him.

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen: Wanna Be Starting Something

Jim had to admit the Vulcan version of ramen had been pretty tasty. Some of the vegetables Spock had used were not ones Jim was familiar with, but most tasted good, with maybe one minor exception.

When dinner was over and Jim’d had probably one more glass of Spock’s surprisingly good wine, Spock joined Jim on the sofa which was really one of those two-seater love seats. With the wine Jim had drank, he sat probably a little too close to Spock, although Spock clearly didn’t seem to mind.

“Did you always know you liked guys?” Jim asked. He felt warm and full, tingly and happy.

“From a young age, yes. I was given a betrothal bond as a child with a Vulcan female named T’Pring, however, when we were each of teenaged years, we agreed we didn’t suit, and convinced our parents to sever our arrangement. And you?”

“I experimented with both genders at first,” Jim admitted. “But I found I prefer guys, mostly. But in all honesty since I took over care of Lily I haven’t been with anyone.”

“Too busy and concerned with her care?”

“That and there hasn’t really been anyone who has caught my interest in a long time.” Jim smiled. “Until you.”

“Then I am indeed fortunate.” Spock appeared to be hesitating over something, but Jim was not sure. Then he held up his hand, fingers spread out so only two leaned forward toward Jim. “If I may, would you indulge me by meeting my fingers with the companions of your own?”

Somewhat quizzically, Jim did as Spock asked, pressing the pads of his fingers to Spock’s. Where their fingers touched there was an increased warmth. Jim’s gaze flew to Spock’s.

“Then you do feel that?” Spock asked.

“Well, yeah, but I’m guessing that’s what they used to refer to as sparks in the old days.” Jim laughed.

“It is more than that, I believe.” Spock moved his hand away from Jim’s.

“What more?”

Spock shook his head. “I am not yet ready to have that discussion. Only know that I believe you will become quite significant to me and I to you.”

Jim laughed again. “Okay, well, that’s no pressure or anything.”

“It is not meant to be, and I apologize. It is merely something I need to figure out in my mind and perhaps ask questions of other Vulcans. I do not mean to be so…cryptic.”

“It’s fine. I understand. I just really like you.”

Spock’s lips quirked. “I feel very much the same way. Which is why I invited you here tonight. Your daughter is adorable, and I look forward greatly to spending more time with both of you, but…”

“Tonight you’re looking to get laid.”

“I wouldn’t have put it quite like that,” Spock said, dryly.

“Come on, Spock. Why should either of us beat around the bush or pretend we don’t know what the other wants. You knew when I agreed to come here that was what we both wanted.”


Jim smiled, changed positions until he was straddling Spock’s lap, and then leaned down to capture Spock’s mouth with his.

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen: On the Way to the Next Level

Spock had never been the nervous type. There was no logic to it.

And yet, as he waited for the arrival of Jim to his current place of residence, he had a fluttering in his stomach that might be related to nerves.

Because he planned to run Gad-Shen in Riverside temporarily, he had rented a studio apartment situated on top of the restaurant. There was a small staircase on the side of the building that accessed the front door of the studio.

As typical of most Terran studio apartments, his living quarters was basically one large room with no discernable separated rooms, save for the bathroom and a small closet to hang coats. Spock had placed a sofa and a lamp by the window that overlooked the street Gad-Shen faced, then a few feet from there he had placed a full sized bed and a dresser. Then there was the kitchen which was made up of a stove, a sink, and a refrigerator.

It was all very simple, but it was suitable and efficient for Spock’s current circumstances.

His pulse quickened when he heard footsteps on the stairs leading to his door. He had seen Jim only a short time ago at the restaurant, and yet, yes, Spock was filled with a certain anxious anticipation.

Spock was not at all without experience, but he found Jim to be more attractive than anyone he’d ever encountered and he also found himself feeling a rather interesting connective warmth whenever he touched Jim, even briefly. He had a theory as to the reason behind this very pleasing warmth, and he hoped to be able to test it that very evening.

He had moved to stand by the door when Jim tapped lightly on it.

Jim had dressed in a maroon pullover sweater and black pants, no doubt in deference to the chilly evening. It had been overcast all day and the restaurant staff had even speculated about the possibility of the first snow of the season.

“Welcome, Jim.” Spock stepped back to let Jim inside.

“Thanks. It’s getting really cold.” Jim rubbed his hands together. His cheeks were a becoming shade of red.

“What can I get you to drink?”

“What do you have?”

“I actually have a small bottle a red blend wine if you are interested.”

Jim blinked in surprise. “You have wine?”

“Yes. Though I admit I obtained it for you in anticipation of this evening.”

“Then by all means, I’ll have some.”

Spock opened the bottle and poured Jim a glass in a water goblet, since that was the only kind of glass he had there in the apartment. As he handed the goblet to Jim, Spock made sure their fingers brushed. He felt that same warmth immediately. Jim showed no outward signs that he experienced the same sensation, however.

“Thank you.” Jim took a sip, then nodded his approval. “What’s on the menu?”

“A Vulcan version of ramen noodles,” Spock replied.

Jim laughed. “That’s great. I love ramen.”

“I have included stir fried vegetables too. You may sit there on the sofa and relax with your wine while I finish up.”

“Okay, sure.”

Jim looked good sitting in Spock’s apartment, even though Spock knew it was no permanence there. To the apartment, of course. Jim and himself was a different story. Certainly he hoped so if what he suspected was true.

But he was, perhaps, getting ahead of himself. He had to get through dinner, and then, he hoped, something more.

Yes, Spock realized. He’d been using that word a lot in his mind.


Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen: Time with Lily

Fortunately, they did work, and with a little bit of help from Spock, Jim got the front of the house looking very festive, waving light up Santa, and all.

Once back inside the house, Jim made some cocoa for Lily, coffee for himself, and  tea for Spock.

Lily decided to show Spock some of the Christmas cookies they made.

“See, this little bear? I did him.”

“Very nice,” Spock replied. He pointed a long finger at a smeared Santa Clause cookie. The white and red had mixed. His eyes had big black rings around them, and his smile looked like it belonged on a Halloween pumpkin. “What happened here?”

Lily giggled. “Daddy did that one.” She pointed at an angel Jim had done. “This one too.”

Spock arched a brow. “That is likely the ugliest cookie I have ever seen.”

“Hey!” Jim laughed. “Geez.”

He saw Spock’s lips quirk.

“Daddy doesn’t do pretty cookies.”

“I can see that,” Spock said. “Is that a Vulcan cookie?” He pointed to one with pointed ears.

“No silly! That’ s an elf.”


“You don’t make Vulcan cookies for Christmas.”

The way she said it made Jim think there might be an occasion when one did make Vulcan cookies, but he decided not to question it. 

Lily nodded then and then turned away from the kitchen. “I wanna show you my drawing!” And she was off toward the living room.

Jim scooted closer to Spock and hooked his fingers into the belt loop of Spock’s pants to pull him even closer.

“Didn’t thank you properly for my rescue.”

“What is a proper thank you?” Spock murmured.

Jim grinned and kissed Spock. It was just a quick one, but it left his lips feeling warm and tingly.

“That’s perhaps a little too proper,” Spock said with a slight smile.

Jim laughed. “Well, the best I can do right now. But speaking of, Maggie’s coming over here Friday to stay with Lily. They’ll make a gingerbread house while I’m gone. So after I get off work, I’ll get Lily and bring her here and then later Maggie will come over and then I’ll come to your place.”

Spock nodded. “That will work perfect.”

“Saturday I’m going to drop her off at Maggie’s again so I can do some Christmas shopping.” Jim hesitated. He didn’t want to monopolize Spock’s time but…”You wouldn’t want to come with me then would you? I know shopping for kid stuff isn’t thrilling or anything—

“I would like to come.”

Jim smiled. “Yeah?”

Lily came running into the kitchen, holding a paper she had been coloring earlier.  “Look! I drew a reindeer.”

Spock looked. Even kept a straight face. It didn’t really look like a reindeer. Just rather a brown blob with spots.

“Very impressive.”

Lily beamed. “Want to help me color? You could do some yourself.”


“Certainly, I will.”

“Yay!  Daddy can get the pizza while we color.”

“Now I don’t remember saying for sure we could get pizza,” Jim protested.

Lily looked at Spock, rather slyly. “You like pizza, don’t you, Spock?”

Jim could see that Spock wanted to sigh in resignation.

“Pizza is all right,” Spock said, clearly unable to lie.

But it was enough for Lily. “See, Daddy?”

Jim rolled his eyes. “All right. This time. But we aren’t eating pizza every night, Lily.”

“Course not, Daddy.” She grabbed Spock’s hand and dragged him out to the living room where her coloring stuff was.

“Course not, Daddy,” Jim said with a sigh. And went to look for the number for the pizza delivery place.

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve: Rescue Me

“Okay.” Jim glanced at the top of the house. He stood next to the ladder he had dragged out of the barn. On the ground next to the ladder was a tangle of outdoor lights.

This might be the last time they decorated this house, Jim thought. And yeah, a huge part of him was sad about this. This farmhouse had been in his family for generations and it sure didn’t feel good to be the one who lost it. Who had to sell it. But they’d needed the money for his mom’s treatments, and he hadn’t regretted that. He hadn’t known what the future held. Hell, no one did.

“Okay,” he said again. He wasn’t fond of heights. Or climbing ladders. In the past when they’d put out Christmas lights, his mom had been the one to climb the ladder. And yeah, he felt a little ashamed over that. But just a little. “Just have to climb up here and get these lights hooked up to those little hooks that are already there.”

“Maybe you should wait for Spock,” Lily said.

He glanced down at her. “I don’t need him to do it. I can do it.”

Lily raised both brows, but Jim decided to ignore her. He bent down and picked up the tangled lights. He bit his lip.

“It’s not even that high,” he said out loud.

Blowing out a breath, he smiled at her, and then started up the ladder.

“Be careful, Daddy!”

Jim reached the top of the ladder and did not look down. He exhaled again and unraveled the first part of the string of lights, carefully hooking the line up to the hooks that remained on the house from previous years. He worked slowly and methodically. And to his ridiculous amount of pride, finished it all along the arch above the door.

“There! Ta da!”

“Ta da!” Lily exclaimed.

Jim grinned and began to come down the ladder, but as he descended he missed a step and his whole body went crooked. He was going to fall.


Jim heard the fear in his daughter’s voice and his own heart beat hard in his chest. He tried to balance himself, overcompensated, and began careening faster off the ladder. He closed his eyes as he began to fall.

He braced himself for the impact of hitting the hard ground, likely to cause himself broken bones or other significant injuries.

But it never happened.

Jim landed in the arms of Spock, who remarkably had arrived, literally, in the nick of time.

“Daddy!” Lily cried again.

Jim met the wide dark eyes of his Vulcan rescuer, who still had him cradled in his arms. He sucked in a shaky breath.


“You are…welcome.”

Spock set Jim down on the ground carefully and Lily launched herself at him.


Jim scooped her up, his legs still shaky, and held her close as she cried.

“I’m okay, angel. I’m okay,” he whispered as she hiccupped.  

She hugged him tighter.


“I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too.”

She whispered in his ear, “He saved you.”

Jim smiled. “He did. Would you like to thank him?”

Lily nodded.

Jim turned to Spock. “Lily would like to say something to you, Spock.”

She held her arms out for Spock to take her and without missing a beat, Spock did, reaching out and pulling her into his arms. She put her little arms around Spock’s neck.

“Thank you for saving my daddy.”

Jim wiped the moisture from his eyes.

“You are very welcome, Lily. Any time,” Spock told her.

Jim glanced up at his handiwork. “Looks good.”

Lily, still held by Spock, turned to look. “Hope they work.”

Jim laughed. Wiped his eyes again. “Me too, angel. Me too.”

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven: Thinking Ahead

Jim’s schedule at Gad-Shen ended up with him having Wednesdays off in addition to the Saturdays that the restaurant was closed.

So for Wednesday, he could watch Lily himself.

While she played by the tree with one of the dolls he’d given her for her last birthday, Jim searched on his PADD for other work. While working at Gad-Shen was a Godsend, it really was, he wasn’t sure it could sustain them for long term. And if Spock wasn’t going to run Gad-Shen himself after a while, Jim didn’t even know if he’d be kept on.

Or if the restaurant would be successful. Many were not. And times were currently pretty tough in Riverside with Starfleet pulling their contract. Come spring, it would be more than Jim out of work. With people out of work, he wasn’t sure how many customers would be patronizing Gad-Shen.   

Truth be told, it didn’t hurt to plan ahead.

Before Ruth and his assistance in her having a child, Jim had dreams of enlisting in Starfleet himself one day. His father, George Kirk, had been a famous captain back before Jim was born, but he’d been killed in action.

Winona, Jim’s mom, hadn’t wanted either of her sons to follow in George’s footsteps. Eventually, Sam had left Riverside behind, becoming a research scientist on some planet light years away or whatever. He hadn’t even come back when their mother had died of cancer.

Jim had put off enlisting because of his mother’s feelings, and then, Ruth came along with her request, and then Lily was born, and her mama died.

Jim supposed he couldn’t ever be a captain of a starship like his father had been with Lily to care for, but perhaps, maybe, there were other things he could do in Starfleet, maybe headquarters in San Francisco.

So Jim, faintly smiling, as Lily chattered to herself and the doll, Jim sent in his application for the Academy. It was a long shot and he wouldn’t get in any earlier than spring, maybe not then, but well, it was what it was.

And in the meantime, he would look for jobs in San Francisco.

Sure, it would mean uprooting Lily and their life to the city. He’d have to sell this place, but he didn’t do much with it anyway. Jim wasn’t a farmer.

He’d also checked with Maggie and she was willing to watch Lily Friday night. She planned on coming here to the house and they’d make gingerbread houses and watch movies until Jim came home from his date.

Yeah, because whatever Jim got up to with Spock, and he had a pretty good idea what that was going to be, he planned to be home to put his angel to bed at night like he always did.

He also had to have time one of these days to do some Santa shopping for Lily. He wasn’t sure about adopting a cat for her as they might be moving, but he’d consider it. She did love kitties whenever she saw them.

No prospects for jobs anywhere near Riverside, so Jim closed out of it with a sigh. He’d look again, but for now, he had the restaurant job at least for the holidays and a bit beyond.

“What do you want for dinner, Lily?” Jim asked, leaning back against the couch.

He’d put his parents old tree by the family room window that faced the front yard. He’d strung the new lights on it and put a few sparse ornaments on it, leaving most for the main tree. He considered that he ought to put some lights on the house itself and if he was going to do that, he should before it got dark.


Jim laughed. “That doesn’t sound very nutritious.”

“No,” Lily agreed. “Sounds yummy though.”

“Well. We’ll see. Daddy’s going to go put some lights on the outside of the house.” Jim stood. “You want to come help?”

Lily nodded and stood. “Maybe Spock can help too.”


“Yeah, you could ask him over. Maybe he’d like pizza too, Daddy.”

Jim looked at the time. It was just after two and the restaurant would be closed. He shrugged. Sent a message.

“We’ll see what he says.” Jim glanced outside. Looked cold. “Let’s get your coat on.”

And as he was getting her bundled up, he received Spock’s response.

“He’s coming.”

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 10

Chapter 10: An Explanation

One thing Spock could say about Jim was that if you had his attention, you felt it to your core. He had this way of just focusing on every word, those blue eyes just staring, filled with intelligence and interest and likely a million other things. Having such focused attention from someone as gorgeous as Jim was a bit overwhelming.

Spock decided to look at the Christmas tree rather than the man sitting so close to him on the catch he could feel the warmth radiating off of him.

“Solek’s father was from Riverside.”

Jim chuckled softly. And again he was so close Spock felt his breath. It was not at all unpleasant. “Iowa?”

“Yes,” Spock replied. He swallowed. “He was Human. Solek’s mother was half Vulcan and half…” Spock paused. It was an unusual pairing, Spock knew this. “Klingon.”

“Vulcan and Klingon?”

“Indeed. Her parents were rather the Romeo and Juliet of their families. Their ability to have a child was not easy, but they finally were able to have Solek’s mother.  Neither the Vulcans nor the Klingons welcomed her, but the Human from Riverside did. They fell in love, married, and had Solek. She obtained a position at the Vulcan Science Academy on Vulcan and it was there on Vulcan that I became acquainted with him.”

“A boyfriend?”

Spock shook his head. “A friend only, for we were just boys when first we met. And it never developed a more emotional attachment than friends. We became friends because no one else would be our friends. Solek endured even more animosity than I did, but I believe for the most part he handled it better. He wished to leave Vulcan to settle on Earth where his father was from. When Solek was only a boy, his father died. He never could handle the atmosphere on Vulcan and the usual methods and treatments for adapting were unsuccessful, and eventually Solek’s father ceased to breathe.”

Jim frowned and gasped. “That is awful.”

“Yes,” Spock agreed. “But Solek dreamed of living here and away from what he had to deal with on Vulcan, but his mother would not leave while he was a child. Solek had plans to open a restaurant in Riverside. He loved to cook and had taken many courses in management as well. But before he could make his dream a reality, Solek fell ill himself. His illness proved to be fatal and as he was dying he made me promise, similar I suppose to promises you made to Ruth, to see that is dream came true, and that his restaurant, Gad-Shen, be opened here as he wished. And so, that is what I have done. Much to the extreme disapproval of my father. He wished for me to go to the Vulcan Science Academy.”

“Well. What you have done is really admirable, Spock. What a great thing to do for your friend.”

“In a year to two years, I will turn it over to someone else I have groomed to make it a success and then my own plan is to enlist in Starfleet Academy.”

Jim smiled. “They’ll be lucky to have you.”

Spock touched Jim’s hands, brushing his fingers along the Humans. He stood up. “And now, I really ought to go. Please consider when you might come to where I am staying. Friday would be ideal, if possible, considering Gad-Shen is closed Saturdays.”   

Jim followed Spock to the door. “Yes, I’ll definitely find out and let you know. Thanks for coming.”

“Thank you for the invitation. You and your daughter are very appealing.”

Jim smiled. “That deserves a goodnight kiss.”

Spock warmed at the idea and eagerly returned the kiss when Jim pressed his hot, chapped lips against his. His cupped Jim’s jaw, stroking his thumb along Jim’s bottom lip, and then kissed him once more.

“Goodnight, Jim.”

“Night, Spock.”

Spock noticed that Jim waited until he was in his hover car and pulling away before he closed his door.

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 9

Chapter Nine: Dinner With Spock

Jim watched as Spock carefully patted his mouth with the paper Christmas napkin he’d set the table with. The napkins had an old-fashioned Santa design on it and Jim had to admit the serious Vulcan wiping his mouth across Santa was kind of an amusingly strange sight.

“The spaghetti is quite good, Jim.”

“Thanks.” Jim said with a shrug. “It’s really simple and easy.”

“But tasty.” This from Lily.

Jim laughed. “Thanks, sweetie.”

“Mister Spock, do you believe in Santa?” Lily asked, turning her big blue eyes on Spock.

Jim hid a smile behind his own napkin. He cleared his throat and waited for Spock’s response.

“I am at heart a scientist, Lily,” Spock replied. “I have no evidence either way.”

She scrunched up her face. “What does that mean?”

“It means you probably ought to stop pestering Spock,” Jim said, gently.

“She is not pestering me.”

Lily gave a little shrug. “Daddy believes in Santa, don’t you, Daddy?”

“Of course I do, angel.”

She nodded, smiling to herself.

“Lily wrote a list for Santa, of course.”

“Of course,” Spock murmured. “What is on your list, if I may inquire?”

“I want a kitchen.”

“A kitchen?” Spock asked, clearly surprised.

“A toy one,” Jim said.

Lily bounced. “Yep. With play food and stuff. And a dolly. And maybe a bicycle. Pink or purple. And a pretty dress. Like with pink or purple or yellow ribbons. And a picture book. And a kitty cat.”

Jim laughed. “You added a cat?”

“Uh-huh.” Lily grinned. “And I even asked Santa for something for Daddy.”

“She won’t tell me what.”

“I want it to be a surprise, Daddy.”

“Naturally,” Spock said.

“Naturally,” she mimicked.

After dinner, Spock helped Jim clean up and then they all went to the living room to watch a Christmas movie, and then Jim put Lily to bed.

Spock still sat in the living room, quietly sipping the tea Jim had made him before taking his daughter up.

“Sorry about that. I didn’t take too long, I hope.”

“You did not. Your daughter is adorable.”

“Thank you. She really liked you too.”

Jim sat next to Spock on the couch, as close as he could, really, without being in Spock’s lap. But judging by the welcoming warmth in Spock’s eyes, he didn’t mind.

“So, I was wondering what a tall, dark, and gorgeous Vulcan like yourself is doing in a dump like Riverside, anyway.”

“It is a long story.”

“I have time.” Jim paused. “That is if you want to tell me.”

For a long time, Spock merely stared into Jim’s eyes, and Jim started feeling just a little lightheaded. He leaned forward a little, not even aware he was leaning in to meet Spock’s lips. They touched, pressed together, and Jim felt the heat from Spock’s mouth and his spice tea.

Jim moved closer still and opened his mouth to let Spock’s tongue slip in. He closed his eyes and let Spock take over this deepening kiss. He felt Spock lift his fingers to his jaw, holding him in place.

When Spock pulled away, just a little, Jim opened his eyes. His breaths were shortened.

“What?” he asked, after a moment.

Spock shook his head. “Perhaps next time, you can find a babysitter and you can come to my place?”

Jim licked his lips. “Yeah. I’d like that.”

“As would I. For now, to keep this from getting too far, while your daughter is near, perhaps I ought to answer your question.”

“Yeah, okay.” He laughed. “Yeah.”

Spock retrieved his teacup. “Let me tell you about Solek.”

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 8

Chapter Eight: Spock Arrives for Dinner

Spock pulled his hover car up in front of the address Jim had given him. The dwelling was a modest ranch-style farmhouse. There was quite a bit of land attached to it, but as far as Spock could see Jim didn’t utilize it.

He turned off the car in front of the home and got out. There was a chill in the air and Spock could see his own breath. There were definitely elements of Vulcan he quite missed.

Spock approached the front door which had two small steps leading up to it. To the right of it was a light up deer. The kind of ubiquitous deer seen just about anywhere rather than an actual caribou, the true reindeer. On the left was a lit Santa Claus who slowly raised his hand as though he was waving at passersby. On the front door was a wreath decorated with silver and gold bells and holly.

He rapped on the door.

Thirty two point three seconds later, Jim opened the door to greet him. He looked as though he had possibly showered. He wore one of those Christmas sweaters everyone referred to as ugly, this one decorated with a melting snowman. The blue background of the sweater brought out the intensity of Jim’s blue eyes and for a moment Spock was nonplussed.

He absolutely knew he found Jim very attractive, and after what he’d told Spock the day before regarding his daughter and the woman who gave birth to her, of extremely admirable character.

But that warm, welcoming smile was something else.

“Good evening, Jim.”

“Hi, Spock.  Come in before you freeze out there.”

Spock did and was quite pleased he had, for the home exuded warmth and wrapped Spock up in it. It was brightly lit. The heat was on. Holiday music played in the background. And in the living room was a decorated cheerful Christmas tree. Looked like something out of a holiday movie.

Spock could even smell gingerbread baking.

Standing in the kitchen was the most adorable human child Spock had seen. She had long blonde ringlets and her father’s blue eyes. Her cheeks were chubby and faintly dusted pink. She wore red and green striped feety pajamas with a teddy bear on the top.

Jim followed Spock’s gaze and grinned. “There’s my angel. Let me introduce you.”

Jim put his hand on Spock’s arm and moved him forward. Spock could feel the heat of Jim’s hand through his shirt.

“Lily this is Daddy’s friend, Spock. Spock this is my girl, Lily.”

“Hello Lily.”

“Hello Mister Spock.” She lisped just a little. It was very cute and sweet. “Daddy made pasghetti.”

“I can smell it. It smells good.”

“It’s vegemarian.”

Jim laughed. “Vegetarian, sweetie.”

She nodded, as though that was exactly what she said.

“Want to come see our tree?”

Spock tilted his head. “It would be my pleasure.”

“Yeah, you two do that while I get dinner ready.” Jim waved them in the direction of the living room.

Lily put her hand out to take Spock’s and after a quick blink, Spock took her hand and allowed her to lead him to the tree.

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