Chapter 10: An Explanation

One thing Spock could say about Jim was that if you had his attention, you felt it to your core. He had this way of just focusing on every word, those blue eyes just staring, filled with intelligence and interest and likely a million other things. Having such focused attention from someone as gorgeous as Jim was a bit overwhelming.

Spock decided to look at the Christmas tree rather than the man sitting so close to him on the catch he could feel the warmth radiating off of him.

“Solek’s father was from Riverside.”

Jim chuckled softly. And again he was so close Spock felt his breath. It was not at all unpleasant. “Iowa?”

“Yes,” Spock replied. He swallowed. “He was Human. Solek’s mother was half Vulcan and half…” Spock paused. It was an unusual pairing, Spock knew this. “Klingon.”

“Vulcan and Klingon?”

“Indeed. Her parents were rather the Romeo and Juliet of their families. Their ability to have a child was not easy, but they finally were able to have Solek’s mother.  Neither the Vulcans nor the Klingons welcomed her, but the Human from Riverside did. They fell in love, married, and had Solek. She obtained a position at the Vulcan Science Academy on Vulcan and it was there on Vulcan that I became acquainted with him.”

“A boyfriend?”

Spock shook his head. “A friend only, for we were just boys when first we met. And it never developed a more emotional attachment than friends. We became friends because no one else would be our friends. Solek endured even more animosity than I did, but I believe for the most part he handled it better. He wished to leave Vulcan to settle on Earth where his father was from. When Solek was only a boy, his father died. He never could handle the atmosphere on Vulcan and the usual methods and treatments for adapting were unsuccessful, and eventually Solek’s father ceased to breathe.”

Jim frowned and gasped. “That is awful.”

“Yes,” Spock agreed. “But Solek dreamed of living here and away from what he had to deal with on Vulcan, but his mother would not leave while he was a child. Solek had plans to open a restaurant in Riverside. He loved to cook and had taken many courses in management as well. But before he could make his dream a reality, Solek fell ill himself. His illness proved to be fatal and as he was dying he made me promise, similar I suppose to promises you made to Ruth, to see that is dream came true, and that his restaurant, Gad-Shen, be opened here as he wished. And so, that is what I have done. Much to the extreme disapproval of my father. He wished for me to go to the Vulcan Science Academy.”

“Well. What you have done is really admirable, Spock. What a great thing to do for your friend.”

“In a year to two years, I will turn it over to someone else I have groomed to make it a success and then my own plan is to enlist in Starfleet Academy.”

Jim smiled. “They’ll be lucky to have you.”

Spock touched Jim’s hands, brushing his fingers along the Humans. He stood up. “And now, I really ought to go. Please consider when you might come to where I am staying. Friday would be ideal, if possible, considering Gad-Shen is closed Saturdays.”   

Jim followed Spock to the door. “Yes, I’ll definitely find out and let you know. Thanks for coming.”

“Thank you for the invitation. You and your daughter are very appealing.”

Jim smiled. “That deserves a goodnight kiss.”

Spock warmed at the idea and eagerly returned the kiss when Jim pressed his hot, chapped lips against his. His cupped Jim’s jaw, stroking his thumb along Jim’s bottom lip, and then kissed him once more.

“Goodnight, Jim.”

“Night, Spock.”

Spock noticed that Jim waited until he was in his hover car and pulling away before he closed his door.