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I’m off for another adventure and won’t return until Sunday afternoon, so have some Vanik and Jim. One of my favorite combinations!

Jim felt weak, sweaty, and like he was probably going to barf again. He struggled to lift his head when he hear the sound of someone approaching his bed. Not an easy task because his head felt like it weighed eighty pounds.

“I have come to check on you again as promised.”

He eyed Vanik out of blood-shot eyeballs. “Did you check on me only ten minutes ago?”

“Negative. It was thirty minutes ago. I promised Uncle Spock that while he was away I would keep a very steady eye on you.”

“Yeah, okay, but how am I supposed to rest if you keep coming in to check on me every ten minutes?”



“Uncle Spock was called away and gave me task until he could return. He was given the task by your own friend, Leonard McCoy, the doctor.”

“I know, I know.”   

“Doctor McCoy was required in Georgia for a family emergency. Neither the doctor nor Uncle Spock thought you should be left alone for long periods of time.”

“I have the flu not a fatal illness.”

“During the year of nineteen hundred eighteen on planet, Earth, it is estimated anywhere from seventeen million to fifty million died from influenza.” Vanik paused. “It is time to take your temperature. I have brought the one to scan your forehead.”

Jim sighed, sunk his head back down on the pillow and gave into the inevitable.

“Your fever had reduced a degree but is still alarming. I will check again thirty minutes from now. Do you require tea?”

“I’ll just barf it back up. When does Spock return?”

“His last message estimated nine o’clock this evening.”

“What time is it?”

“Two in the afternoon.”

Jim sighed again. “Okay see you again in thirty minutes.”

“You can count on it.”