But I am giving serious consideration to closing the blog at the end of this month. I haven’t decided for sure, but no option is off the table. At times, to be honest, I have found it to be burdensome to come up with a flash to post here. Let alone months of flashes. And it seems it’s almost impossible not to spend time repeating myself because I have written so many.

I’ll be also honest and tell you all I am paying for this blog. That’s right I am paying an annual fee. It’s not a huge amount but it’s not nothing either. So that’s also a consideration. Do I want to continue to pay?

So another option rather than outright killing would be one flash a week instead of three to five (or more). Or a few a month. Or just when inspiration hits. That would require people to get email notification here but I think most of you here anyway.

The other thing I want to say is as a treat, there will be a flash MTWTHF 19-23.

Anyway, we’ll see. But hopefully you can enjoy what’s coming up the rest of this month

Photo by Becerra Govea Photo on Pexels.com