So glad to be home! I had a great time. But it took 7 hours to get home due to construction issue on the freeway. I am SOOOOO exhausted.

Random Thoughts

  1. Anson M is an asshole. That’s Pike in the new shows. Never have I missed Bruce Greenwood so much. People (me included) paid $100 for a photo with him. They paid $200 for a photo with him and Rebecca and $200 for a photo with Ethan and him. They paid $480 for a group photo with the whole cast that was there. He wore a mask. We all had to be vaxxed or tested in order to be there. We wore masks all through the convention except for our photo ops. He had the option of plexiglass between him and the rifraff. Several chose this including Sonequa. This was fine. But nope, not him. He ruined every single picture a fan took with him. And he was stiff as a damn statue. He was THE ONLY ONE who did this at the entire convention, Ladies and gentlemen we have our new asshole for the fandom. Sorry but that’s my assessment. Edited to add: And yes, sure, he has every right to decide to wear a mask. And I have every right to be informed so that I can make the decision whether I want to pay $100 for someone no one would ever recognize. Look there is a NEW Official Star Trek Convention. It began this year in Chicago and is co-sponsored by CBS/VIACOM. They charged $80 for Anson not $100 and declared up front he would wear a mask. They did the same with Wil Wheaton. Fair enough. Fans there could decide. But I sure as hell wouldn’t pay a dime for a masked actor no one would known from the Lone Ranger. So yes it goes back to the greed Of Creation. But I still think he could have chosen plexiglass instead of ruining hundreds of pictures
  2. Ethan P is a great guy. He’s Spock in the new shows. Friendly, funny and took free photos in the vendors room with fans that he was not supposed to do as you are supposed to “pay” so Creation Entertainment makes boatloads of money off you. What a great example for the fandom. He was great.
  3. Walter K was a sweetheart. 85 and he greeted fans warmly and hugged them and petted dogs.
  4. Doug Jones is also a sweetheart. Sonequa used the plexiglass but Doug did not in the same photo. Michael and Saru in Discovery (he’s famous for other things too like Hocus Pocus). So friendly and sweet and welcoming. Hugged everyone. Great humor. So so good.
  5. Creation Entertainment are thieves. They rip off us fans left and right. They lost the Star Trek license and the right to call it the “Official” convention and it shows. So disorganized. And the guy who runs it is as arrogant as can be. I loathe him.
  6. Vegas is still loads of fun but ridiculously expensive.
  7. I love Star Trek. All of it. I came back with a renewed enthusiasm for all of it and I can’t wait to watch it all again. Wow. And all the fans there were absolute treasures this time. We met a guy with his 16 year old daughter. They flew out for one day as they could only get a one day admission as the rest had sold out. They were dressed from SNW and he even had his hair done like Pike. He looked more like Anson than Anson did lol. She was so cute. She wanted to meet Denise Crosby but she was too shy so she took a secret picture of her. The minute we got there wearing our Trek shirts people came to us and asked, Hey, do you know where we register? It was one big happy family and I hadn’t felt that at other conventions, so that was wonderful.
  8. It’s going to be 100s here this week and just ugh! LOL
Gold Coin as part of package

Adding to my tribbles collection
Memorial Wall for Nichelle
Our blackberry cobbler dessert (chocolate horseshoe)

A few of the strip
Bellagio on the strip

Lion made out of flowers from the Bellagio gardes

Elvis Sundae (we had to share)

Back to work! Too bad LOL