The Pinto Boys from The Thought of You is Consuming Me was requested, but of course they wouldn’t have any clue about Christmas in July (or many of our modern traditions but I have done my best!

As I rested next to Chris in the middle of a field of grass on my property, I felt at peace in a way I had never felt in London proper. I spent the time I needed to in London, of course, but it was less and less all the time, as I preferred solitude here.

And Chris and I seemed to have more time together here.

“It’s going to rain later.”

I opened my eyes, turned my head, and peered at him. I had thought he was napping so I was surprised to see the wide-eyed alert in those blue eyes that so matched the blue of the sky.

“There’s not a cloud in the sky, love,” I replied.

He smiled. “Mark my words.” He sighed then, soft, and perhaps a bit regretful.

“What? Is it time to go back then?”

“Not quite. Soon though. I just wish that it was December.”

“Fond of snow, are you?”

He laughed. “No, dearest. Christmastide and all that. My favorite time of year.”

“You’ve got a good five months until then, Christopher.”

“A man can fantasize.”

I snorted. Overhead I was surprised when clouds started to roll in. I turned my head to glance at him once more and saw that he was smirking at me.

“What clever magic is this?”

“No magic, Zach. Wisdom.”

I laughed outright and straightened to hover over him as he gazed up at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Wisdom is it?”

“Hmm. Can we do this in December at Christmas, do you think?”

“As long as we don’t freeze particular parts off.”

He tugged me down for a kiss. “Don’t want to do that. I find yours quite useful.”

I arched a brow. “Do you now?”

“And speaking of fantasies. I suggest we go inside and act out one of yours before the rain starts.”

“The king and his knight?”

Chris laughed and sat up. “Of course. But this time…I’m the king.”

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