The good news is I think the roofers are done with OUR building, although they are still next door. But at least they are no longer pounding over my head all day.

The also good news is I am feeling about ready to write something again. But it’s a chapter for Joined when I do. I have already played out much of the chapter in my head though the problem with that is many of the good lines I write in my head never make it to paper (or in modern times the Word doc). Some would say I should write it down as it comes to me but in all honesty I am not wired that way. So the great chapter in my head will likely be the so-so chapter once it’s posted. Happens to me all the time.

There are a few stories I am no longer feeling warm and fuzzy about so we’ll see what I have to do about those.

The next part of the Modern AU will be up Monday. That’s the one where Jim goes to Spock’s apartment with pizza and beer, if anyone’s keeping track.

We have relatives visiting from Maine right around Easter next month. My sister is going to Disneyland with them on Easter. Fortunately I get to miss that. I love Disneyland but not at the prices they charge now nor the crowds so I definitely am happy not to go. They might go to Universal Studios as well which I like even less.

I think that’s all the rambling I have in me at the moment.

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