It’s less than a week until my oral surgery and I am petrified. Yes, it’s routine. But it isn’t for me. So, and I mean this absolutely sincerely, please pray for me.

Now that’s out of the way.

I have written the flashes for Friday and Monday and will try to get Wednesday (day of surgery done) and following Friday done. I don’t know how I’ll feel after that but I’ll do my best. As you know I am also writing Cabin in the Woods.

Should I Fail to Deliver on any Stories for Whatever reason, see below.

Most of you will ignore these recommendations but I am throwing them out here just the same. Maybe someone will see it and finally give them a read.

These are the Spirk fanfics I currently HIGHLY recommend. I have read them countless times and I find them breath taking. The majority I am insanely jealous of their talent. Please note some of these have changed from what I used to recommend as I found new favorites. Where available, I provide links.

Shine Like the Sun (not new, but I can’t not mention this one. Cream of the crop good.

Rhadamanthus – I have no idea what that word means if it means anything, but there’s just something about this 6,000 word story that touches me and calls to me. It takes place after Into Darkness, written before Beyond.

In Any Universe This is the first of two stories by this author I just love. This one had mirror elements. About 11,000 words. Basically Mirror Spock loses Mirror Kirk and goes so insane he has to have AOS Kirk. It’s excellent.

The Greatest of These – the other one. Amazing. Truly. Her Spock and Kirk are just so accurate and so perfect. It’s 18 chapters. I have read it like 600 times. Just read it again. They are on a mission in a shuttlecraft and it crashes, Kirk is gravely injured. And Spock refuses to let him die. Stellar.

How We End – A priestess tells Kirk and Spock they will one day be in a relationship. Jim knows how it starts. Spock knows how it ends.

The Steadfastness of Stars – As far as I know this is the only thing she’s ever written for Spirk but it’s incredible. I’ve also read this one 600 times. 61,000 words and very detailed but so worth it. I love her Kirk and Spock and everything about them.

Those are my current recommendations if you want to take a gander.

Thanks for your support.