“That is an infant.”

Jim, who currently held that infant in his arms, raised both eyebrows. “Your powers of observation never fail you, Spock.”

Spock frowned. “Is it yours?”

“A girl. No, she’s not mine. At least…not yet.”

That earned him a curious look. “Explain.”

“She was…is…the daughter of my brother, Sam.” Jim blew out a breath. He brought her closer to where Spock stood just inside the door of Jim’s apartment, having arrived only moments earlier. “They brought her to me because I’m Sam’s next of kin.”

Spock stared at the baby and then at Jim. “They?”

“The authorities from the planet Mylon where Sam lived. Both Sam and her mother were killed in the Klingon invasion.” He bit his lip. “What do you think?”

“She is beautiful. But will you be able to care for her?”

“I will if…”

Spock’s dark gaze met his. “If?”

“You help me.” Jim sighed. “I know when you thought about pursuing a relationship with me, this wasn’t in consideration, so I can’t blame you if you change your mind.”

“I have not.”

“There’s no one else, Spock. The thought of giving her up, to someone else, I just…I don’t think I can. She’s the only part of Sam left.”

Spock did not say anything for a long time. Then he said, in almost a whisper, “We will need to shop for the items she will need.”

Jim exhaled. Smiled. “Yeah. Yeah.” He leaned over to meet the lips that captured his.