Not sure what June will bring for flashes. I am thinking not every day and not necessarily every MWF. Just when the mood strikes. There will definitely be some. No dout.

I finished One More Night on Friday and my next plan is to finish Cosmic Love. I won’t be posting any more of it here, I intend to finish it on AO3. Sorry about that, but the ongoing flashes that make one story isn’t working for me right now. I want to return to flashes of the nature where it’s one and done, at least for a little while.

Once Cosmic Love is finished, I’ll return, hopefully, to updating my WIPS on AO3. To be honest I’ve lost the mojo a bit for I Dream of Jim and I might decide to delete it and give it up. I haven’t decided for sure but that’s my thought right now. I know that might be disappointing but I feel it’s just not working for me. We will see.

A certain someone has requested a song fic and my plan is to get that going in June too. Shouldn’t very long.

The family, those of us who matter ha ha, are taking a trip to remember my mother, after the service later in June. I’ll be gone for a few days in the middle of the month.

I still plan on posting flashes for Christmas in July, never fear, for those who eagerly look forward to those.