If you aren’t bored with my stupid updates, here’s another! LOL

Did I tell you that we had a film crew on our premises on Friday? We have a shaped lawn outside our building and they wanted to film there. So we had a ton of crew and stuff all day Friday. They also set up their catering trucks, etc. Alas it was not for a movie starring Chris Pine or Tom Hanks or anyone. It was a lawnmower commercial. Still it was pretty cool to watch them.

I have finished all flashes for March now. Lucky you, you are getting Wednesdays and Fridays in March as well. Not sure about April yet. I do have a flash in mind for April 01, which is a Wednesday, and I may just go ahead and get that written and scheduled too. Keep in mind many of these are necessarily short for sanity’s sake.

Still need to do the Leap story.

After that’s finished, my plan is to get an update done for one of the two stories I have left that hasn’t been updated since November 2019, then I will fully immerse myself in the Bang story.

Right this minute I have no concrete plans for this coming weekend, so I hope that is a good thing for me. I could stand some writing time.

Tomorrow is the first February flash.

I preliminarily did my taxes and am getting about $900 back. That will be gone in a flash on bills, etc. And I haven’t yet filed, but wanted to see what I could expect.

In other news they have decided to replace the third person at my job who does it, so that was good news. No one has been hired, yet, as they just got approval, but it’s nice to know we will get that relief eventually.