On September 11, 2011, the ten year anniversary of that dreadful, heartbreaking day, I spent most that day on a website dedicated to online memorials for those that perished in the two towers. It was emotionally draining and crippling, but something, on that day, I needed to do.

I can hardly believe it has been another eight years since then.

On this day in 2001, I will never forget watching the buildings collapse on television. It was…mind boggling. The television was on at work and we were all glued to the coverage. I can still hear Peter Jennings in my head.

The night before, my friends and I had been at the mall shopping for a European trip we were taking in October. We never imagined what the next day would bring. If there was any innocence left on September 10th, it was definitely gone forever on the 11th

I had taken the bus that morning and being on the West Coast the news was already coming in. Eventually, my job at the time, dismissed us for the day, knowing there was no work getting done, and those in charge there just as stunned as we were. A friend drove me home. I watched the news nonstop the rest of the day, emotionally wrecked and distraught.

There are things you never forget if you lived through them. The Riots here after the Rodney King thing, OJ Simpson’s being exonerated even though we knew he was guilty, stuff like that. But it all pales in my mind and memories to September 11, 2001.