A few weeks ago I posted a picture of some barren trees in my neighborhood.

Here they are a few weeks later

Same bunch of trees. Isn’t nature awesome?

This week I am finagling a few things flash ficywise and also working on My Devotion and Didn’t We Almost Have it All.

I didn’t get any writing done this weekend. Just too busy with other things.

This coming Saturday I am having to go to yet another social event. You know the old time tupperware parties? or Princess House? Or any of those? Well, nowadays, they sell wine at one of those. It’s a Wine Party. You try different wines and if you want to buy them you do. It’s a new thing, I guess. Anyway I am going to that on Saturday afternoon into evening. Sigh.

That’s about all I have going right now.! Nice week weatherwise.

Oh and the birthday party was a success!