“How many days have you slept alone?”

Jim scowled at his friend. “This is the third day…night.”

Bones sighed. “You gonna apologize?”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Course not.” Bones took a sip of his beer. “Still going to?”

“No!” Jim frowned. “I…don’t know where he is. Or-or anything.”

“What? He hasn’t been in touch for three days? That doesn’t seem like him.”

He shrugged. “Had a bad fight.”

Bones finished his beer and stood. “You contact —”


“Want me to stay?” Bones asked, gently. “Or you want to come with me?”

“Nah.” Jim forced a smile. “Gonna do some studying and go to bed. See you tomorrow?”

When Bones left, Jim went for another bottle of beer, and then another. By the time he had stumbled to bed he hadn’t done any studying or even changed his clothes.

He woke in the middle of the night to a thud. He sat up, heart pounding. Was someone breaking in to the apartment? Shit. Jim tried to scramble out of bed but tripped on the tangle of blankets and sheets and fell flat on his face.

“Fuck! Ouch. Damn. That hurt.” He lifted himself up to his elbows and saw Spock standing in the doorway of the bedroom. “Are you breaking in?”

Spock arched a brow. “I live here.”

“What was that noise then?”

“I accidentally kicked the book bag you left by the door.”

“Oh.” Jim bit his lip and sunk back down to the floor in defeat. “Come to move your stuff out, huh?”

Spock sighed which had Jim lifting up to look at him again.

“Negative. But if you will recall the fight started because you left your book bag, grocery purchases, laundry, and—”

“Yeah, okay,” Jim mumbled. “I know. I’m a lazy slob.”

Spock stepped into the room and reached down to pull Jim to his feet. “You were drinking.”

“Bones was over and…yeah. I was.” Jim leaned against Spock. “Are you really back?”

“Are you apologizing?”

Jim waited a beat. “Yeah. Are you?”


Jim drew back to look at Spock. Or at least as much as he could with Spock holding him pretty tight. “You are?”

Spock nodded. “Will you take me back?”

“I hate when we fight.”

“Me too.” Spock wrinkled his nose. “Let’s get you cleaned up. When did you last shower?”

“Uh…I don’t know?”

“Come. I will take care of you.”

Jim smiled and kissed Spock’s cheek. “You always do.”

“And I always will.”