25 Years ago this morning, was the so-called Northridge earthquake (it was actually centered in Reseda not Northridge, fun fact, I spent my elementary school years in Reseda, it was called elementary then).

The above picture is of one our freeways that broke off. The below one is an apartment building that collapsed on the first floor (it was one of those kinds that have the parking structure under it and 16 of the 57 that died was there).

Looking at these 25 year old pictures brings back terrifying memories. My own apartment at the time was far enough away from the epicenter that we did not sustain damage. We were lucky. But it was scary as hell.

Today is the last day it’s supposed to rain after raining all week. We aren’t supposed to see any more rain for the rest of January.

I was unable to update anything yesterday as I have been working on my flash fic. Fortunately I will have something up tomorrow morning on here for the flash, and I hope to get a chapter of The Experiment up today.

Also today, Betty White turns 97 and my friend at work’s daughter turns 3, so Happy Birthday to them.

Three day weekend this weekend and I am looking forward to it!