I have been re-reading for the last week or so, something written I think maybe 5 years ago now, perhaps not finished then, but started surely. Anyway, it’s a long piece and it’s Spirk, of course, because lately that’s all I can bring myself to read, fiction-wise (I am reading on my Kindle a book about poisonings and the beginnings of forensic science and the first actually respectable coroner in NYC, that’s non-fiction, and admittedly dry at times), anyway, I read this Spirk fic when it was first posted back then, it was something I looked forward to the updates. I admired how lengthy she was able to write it and its chapters because I am a very precise writer and admittedly, not particularly flowery or descriptive and despite efforts on my part to rectify that, I am unable to do so. I think I must have had a creative writing teacher who stressed less is more to me one too many times when I was a kid. Anyway, I am definitely digressing.

It’s an AU with both guys as princes and it starts out as correspondence between them before they meet. And there are so many really excellent parts of their story as I recall as I read it again. I remember thinking Spock was, perhaps too Vulcan and unyielding and a little too formal and obtuse as to Jim at times, and while for the most part I still believe Spock could have been softened a bit and there are times I still want to reach through the pages and rip off his bangs, it’s still quite a lovely piece of fiction, I think. Not what I would write at all, and I think, maybe, that’s a good thing. It’s nice to read other perspectives and other views on characters that are not quite our own, I think. It challenges our own perceptions.

And I like to keep an open-mind when I can. I am not always successful, I freely admit it. I am very human and filled with all the fallacies and foibles that go along with that.

I like to be challenged.

I worked hard on A Beginning, for instance, because I desperately wanted to set them apart from my AOS versions, and it seems from the comments I have been receiving that I was successful in that, so I remain very grateful to those who have read it and given me positive feedback.

I am still fighting a bout of melancholia. Part of it is my own selfishness I think. I’ve never been very good at sharing and now that I am having to these days, it brings out the ugly in me. I should probably curtail it. Or try harder anyway.

Time changes this weekend. Falling behind. That’s one of the things we had to vote on this year. If we should stop changing time and stick to one throughout. I voted no, but alas, I think it may pass. It remains to be seen what happens with that but this year, anyway, we still change.

And then, sometimes, I can be surprised by someone, positively so, who comes around unexpectedly, but not at all forgotten, and there are good feelings behind that. And I won’t say more than that here, but it is true.