Last night we went and saw The House With the Clock in the Walls. It was cute. M thought the kid actor was horrible but I thought he did fine.

When I mentioned I would update Professor Spock: An Autumn in Harmony this week I forgot I was going to be away overnight on Thursday and off Friday. I haven’t done much work on it because I wrote the one-shot and so I probably won’t have it up until the weekend.

What I have been working on this week other than the one-shot is my Christmas story. It’s really coming along and I’d like to have it completely finished well before December. I thought it would be a one-shot but I found I have a prologue and a chapter written and am well on my way with another chapter. I’m really loving this story and for the most part it is angst free.

I’m off work early tomorrow to head on out to Long Beach and the Queen Mary with the cousin for our overnight stay. Legend has it that it is haunted but I have never experienced any such thing on the occasions. Our purpose is to eat, drink and be merry. Or is it Mary since we are on the QM. HA. Anyway, anyone knows me know I think ghosts are complete balderdash anyway.

I haven’t worked on anything else and don’t feel the urge right now but I am certain it will come soon.

As for on here, see you next week!