Spock put his hand on his sleeping husband’s face, waiting for the fog to lift and Jim to come to awareness once more. He could feel Jim’s mind springing back, the confusion fading away as Spock reminded him of who he was, where he was, and their life.

Eyelids lifted to expose the beloved blue. When Jim was gone, Spock would be gone too. There was no other outcome for either of them.

“Hello Spock,” Jim said softly. “Have I been asleep long?”

“No, T’hy’la. Just a couple of ours. I have had tea with our son and his mate.”

“He looks happy, yeah? I mean as happy as Vulcans can look.”

Spock smiled slightly. “Agreed. Would you like to get up now and have something to eat with us?”

“All right.” Jim’s tongue darted out as he sat up. “Spock, what’s really going on? What is Suvoc here for?”

Spock hesitated only a moment before taking Jim’s hand in his. “He wishes to convince us to go to New Vulcan with him to experiment with a treatment he hopes will help with your dementia.”

“Oh.” Jim nodded. “I-I suspected it was something like that. But—”

“I ask that you consider it and what he has to say, adun. If not for our sake, but for his. He has already lost his birth parents as well as his relationships with Ambassador Spock and Leonard. It has all taken its toll on his, Jim. He tries not to show it but I assure you it does.”

Jim raised his other hand to Spock’s cheek. “You would know, wouldn’t you? All right, sweetheart, I’ll listen and keep an open mind.”

Spock moved his face to kiss Jim’s palm. “You are everything. Come. Do you wish a shower first?”

He helped Jim up from the bed.

“Yeah, maybe. Still feel a little groggy and kind of sweaty.”

“Here, I will help you.” And he led his husband into the shower, thinking of their many intimacies there in their distant past.

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