choice 2

“You were bored.”

“No,” Jim denied instantly.

“Nature films are uninteresting to you,” Spock said simply.

“I like animals.”

Spock eyed him. “You yawned two hundred times.”

Jim chuckled. “You’re totally making that up.”

“Perhaps. Did you want to come for tea, Jim?”

His smile slipped and he bit his lip. “I shouldn’t. I want to. But I have this test really early.”

“There are cookies.”


“Baked today.”

Jim licked his lips. “What-what kind of cookies?”

“Chocolate chips.” Spock paused, it seemed for effect. “I baked them myself.”

If Jim were a cartoon he’d totally have heart eyes right then. “You talked me into it.”

Spock made the same tea and told Jim to sit.

“Please understand that I used imitation chocolate chips that are only available on Vulcan. They taste very much like chocolate, I assure you.”

“Imitation chocolate.”

“Yes. Vulcans, for certain reasons, do not indulge in chocolate.”

“Are they allergic?”

“Allergic?” Spock shook his head. “Not exactly. More like it intoxicates them. Try the cookie, Jim.”

Jim smiled and took a bite. His smile widened as he chewed. “Oh my God.” He moaned.


“It’s-it’s obscene.” He moaned again.

“It certainly is.” Spock’s cheeks were flushed green.

Jim choked, then laughed. “Uh. Yeah. Sorry.” He laughed again, blushing himself. “But they are really good. And it totally tastes like chocolate.”

Spock sat at the table and took a cookie. “So they are worth a little loss of sleep.”

“Yeah. Yeah they are.”

“You choose the movie tomorrow, Jim?”

Jim felt a little breathless. “Yeah.” He cleared his throat. “Yes.

Before he left he ate two more cookies and then Spock made him take more with him as we was leaving.

“Are you sure—”

“Yes, I made them for you.”

“That deserves a kiss.”

Spock held out his hand.

“Nope.” Jim grinned and leaned in and planted his lips on Spock’s. “Goodnight, Spock.”

Spock’s dark eyes had definitely turned warm and melty. “Goodnight, Jim.”