Jim had read the message ten times. The content never changed. His vision blurred with the tears stinging his eyes. He closed his eyes as tears squeezed out. The lump in his throat nearly choked him. He tossed the PADD away.

Okay so it was what it was. What the hell was he going to do about it anyway? Kill himself? Get stinking drunk? Go get himself laid? All of the above?

Well, so what. He didn’t need anyone. No one.

His communicator beeped. He picked it up and looked. “Bones?”

“You have class in ten minutes. You told me to remind you.” Pause. “Jim, are you okay?”

He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Yeah. Sure. Yeah. Okay. Class. Thanks. Thanks, Bones.”


“Gotta run.” He turned off his communicator. Stared at his PADD which lay on the floor by the kitchen.

I do not believe this is working.  

“Fuck you anyway.”

He grabbed his bag and left the dorm, leaving the PADD behind.