My friend, Appreciative One, asked me to write her a story for her birthday. She is a huge fan of Spock Prime and young Jim. It’s her guilty pleasure too.


But she wanted me to take it one step further.

See in her opinion, because Spock 1 and Spock 2 share the exact same DNA, they are the same person at different stages in their lives age wise and experience wise. But still.


So she challenged me to write her a very very explicit story where Jim is the filling between two Spock pieces of bread. They sex him up often and repeatedly, without any regrets.

Though her birthday has passed, I am still writing on this story. Basically I add to it whenever I feel like it. It most definitely will not be for everyone. It is very graphic.

So, my question here, is should I post it at some point on AO3? What say you?