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My Trip

My mother liked to gamble much of her life.

When my father was alive, they both loved Vegas. So much so that they briefly lived there after my mother retired. They had to be brought back from there because they couldn’t stop spending money but that’s another story.

When we would take my mother to Vegas, while we were checking in, she was already sitting at a machine. Up until the pandemic hit, she played bingo every Wednesday at the local Elks Lodge. Over the years, she won many jackpots (about $5,000 or so at a time mind).

So when we take these kinds of trips my mind is often on her. Definitely this time for a trip she would have loved. Back when she still could love anything (before dementia and Leukemia). More on that in a minute

Our view…pretty nice, yes?

So I was playing one of my favorite slot machines and playing the minimum bet of 88 cents per spin. I’d played about 9 or so spins when I got the bonus on it. That’s when this little jar’s lid closes. You get either the mini, the minor, the major or the grand jackpot. The mini was like $15. Almost 100% of the time that’s what I get. Once in a while I get the minor which is about $30-$60 depending on how recently it’s gone off. This time…

I got the grand. Which never happens on an 88 cent bet. Ask anyone. But it did. Yes, I won $17,000. It’s going into my retirement savings, but yes. It was a bit of an excitement. It’ll never happen again but my mother had a hand in it, I am convinced. I had her blessings as total this trip I ended up winning about $19,000 and my sister about $7,000. So yes, my mother blessed us.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to say because I didn’t want anyone to think I was bragging or whatever, but since you did ask, I am sharing here.

An October Walk With Me

Since we are coming to the end of October already I thought I’d post some “Fall” pictures for us.

Tree losing its leaves (yes the sky is that blue)
Proof some of our trees leaves change color
More changing trees and a super blue sky

Fallen leaves and yes that is my foot

A nearby neighbor’s decorations, Too cute right? A little girl lives there

I am beginning to write some of the holiday flashes. I haven’t finished November but right now I want to get a jump on the December flashes. Now is your chance to tell me in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to see.

I’ll probably repeat titles and ideas from the 2019 set. Last year, if you will recall, I did one story instead of the flashes. This year we return to the more popular flashes

Just Pics

Thought you might want to see some pictures of the neighbor’s decorations. Cool huh? They have creepy sound too. As a child I would have been terrified of that house HAHA

That’s the full moon behind the house

He’s got a few new things this year I think

He does it cute for Christmas too.

Personal Stuff

I have no clue if I have mentioned this or not but a while back one of my old fillings basically crumbled and came out over several months. I haven’t been to the dentist for 20 plus years. Or I hadn’t been until today, but we will get to that shorty.

Back in my youth I had a bad experience with dentists (several bad) and so I stopped going completely. I planned never to go as I had developed a dental phobia.

When my filling began coming out, I ignored it still. Until my recent trip over Labor Day weekend when was sipping a lovely ice cold cocktail and I nearly died from the pain (warning for exaggeration). That whole weekend I had to avoid that huge hole. Here’s a picture of it courtesy of the X-Ray taken this morning.

That hole there is it.

Anyway, no surprise but I need a root canal. Ugh. But the dental office I am assigned to through my insurance doesn’t have the endo dude so I have to call Monday for an appointment so I can get that done. Ugh.

Plus I need two or three other crowns and blah blah blah. My portion of all the other stuff (not the root canal) is $3000. If I decide to have everything that is. Right now I am concentrating on getting the root canal done as that’s what is causing me pain.

So yeah, there you have my poor poor story.

The moral? I should have gone to the damn dentist LOL

Ramblings and Pictures

This has been a cool week for August, even some pretty overcast days with heavy drizzle. It’s supposed to be hot next week though, so we will enjoy it this week. Here are some pictures at the resort where I stayed and why I found it so peaceful.

Arrival day it was sunny

Yum….cookies and cream ice cream drink (had Godiva Chocolate liquor in it)
Cloudy skies
Under the umbrella

We had a wonderful time but sad it is over of course. Vacations never last long enough

Now for the news you probably want

I have nothing written and scheduled at this point for the rest of August but I will see what I can do. No promises. That’s tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday, and Monday. I might be able to get three of those done but I am uninspired for tomorrow.

September’s theme: Academy Fics

October’s theme: Spooky

November’s theme: Harvest, Fall, Thankful

December’s theme” Christmas (not sure yet if it will be an every day thing or MWF like normal months)

Wine Day Pics 2021

I had requests for pictures, so I have posted some here. This was from our wine tasting day hosted by sister’s friend

Grounds of first Winery
First tasting- Chenin Blanc
Looking Outdoors from our inside table. We were first sitting outside but got too warm, so we moved inside. That’s the edge of our hostess for the day in the pic.
Our list of wine tastings from second winery
A glass – Loved the shape of this one

Red red wine

The vineyard
Grounds of the second winery
The third and final winery
More grounds of third winery
Third winery tasting flights

Rambles and Mini September Walk With Me

So managed to update a couple things on AO3 this week including My Heart Wants to Sigh and The Carrier.

I am still working on getting October flashes done. I need to get my act together because I still have November ones and the Christmas story, oiye.

So I did a mini walk of September. See below.

Just looking down a pathway at a tree with pink flowers
This tree is beginning to lose leaves for the upcoming fall season
See? His leaves! LOL
These guys have lost a lot of their pink flowers now

Even the Jacaranda trees have lost all their pretty purple flowers
The sky is less smoky today then it’s been but we’re still in a bad air alert until Thursday
This tree has little flowers still but not sure what kind it is
One of the fallen ones!

Sorta Walk With Me August and Sorta Ramblings

Don’t remember if I did a walk for August so anyway, thought I’d post a few pictures around my area I took.

The last few days haven’t been bad and it even got into the high 50s at night. But Labor Day Weekend predictions are absolutely beastly with 106 on Saturday. I keep praying they are wrong.

An ugly hazy sky
More ugly haze
The little fountain by my house
Another view of the fountain
Cool flower
Sister-in-law’s cat, Mr. Kitty

Tomorrow will be the last of the summer themed flashes. I am still not done with September. I have 5 left to go. To be honest I am struggling because I feel like I have done everything and it’s hard to come up with something different. But maybe I am overthinking it and you’ll be okay if it’s something I’ve written before, just as long as you can read about Jim and Spock.

Anyway hope everyone has a good week.

Walk with me, July 2020

This month’s walk with me is just around my condo complex. These pictures really prove that God or Nature can do color better than anything man can come up with.

All of this bougainvillea is just amazing.

Color everywhere even by the garages lol
I love the little white flowers among the yellow
Dig these two sycamore trees
These are by one of the trash dumpsters!
Flowers by the pool we are not allowed to use
More flowers by pool we can’t use
Pretty purple flowers
My summer garden stakes out side my house part 1, these will be replaced by fall in September
Summer stakes part 2
Live Long and Prosper

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