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What’s Going On

What’s going on…(isn’t that a Marvin Gaye song)

Here is a picture of the chocolate soufflé M made me for dessert for V Day.

So I am having some eyesight issues. A few days ago I saw flashes of light out of my right eye. I had been reading on my e-reader and I figured my eyes were just tired, closed out, and went to bed.

Alas ever since then my right eye has been experiencing floaters in front of my vision I’ve never had before. I tried to get in to see my optometrist, but he is semi-retired and can’t see me until Mid-March. I don’t want to wait that long so I am trying to get an appointment to see M’s ophthalmologist (M has Glaucoma and has had several eye surgeries). I have self-diagnosed that I have a Posterior Vitreous Detachment, which if so should be manageable with treatment and monitoring, but it could be much worse like a retinal tear, so I definitely want to get it checked.

This means even more slowing down on updates. I am doing some writing obviously but not as much so be warned. I am sure it will ultimately be all right.

In other news I’ll be going away for an overnighter this weekend. I took Monday off of work (it’s President’s Day though not a holiday for us) but I will be back Sunday night.

So that’s the latest. I know we’re all going through something. That seems to be the way of things these days.

Just Stuff

So I managed to not get Covid from my trip a while back to Pechanga so that’s a plus. But this weekend is my great niece’s 4th birthday party. My niece and her husband just moved back to So Cal from Nor Cal and they bought a very nice house in a place called Rancho Cucamonga. Anyway, it’s only family being invited but that thing is everywhere isn’t it?

M’s sister lives in ND and her husband just got diagnosed with it (not to be confused with M’s half sister who also lives in ND whose husband died of Covid in November). He’s miserable but mostly okay with his biggest complaint being his back pain from it. She has tested negative so far.

This is their cat, Mr. Kitty

Don’t be fooled by that cute face. He’s a serial killer of mice and rabbits.

Speaking of cats, here is ours, in her pampered pink blanket she loves

Tomorrow is the last flash for January (I know Monday is January but I explain that in tomorrow’s flash post).

Otherwise, we keep plugging along here. I don’t remember if I mentioned M being laid off last February (got a new job in June) but the old job asked M back you can believe it. It’s more money than the current job, but I have concerns and hope that taking that old job again is the right decision. But M wanted to.

I’m still working from home indefinitely which is the way I like it these days. Have an overnight trip planned in mid-Feb, and then a longer one in March and then relatives come for a visit in April over Easter. So much is going on!

In other exciting news, I may be going to the Star Trek convention this year in Vegas in August. It’s a long way off and anything can change including a certain Spock actor COULD cancel, but right now Quinto is scheduled to be there for the first time ever. Trying not to be too excited because as I said a lot can change in the many months until then.

My updates of current WIPS are going swimmingly and I know you’ve been enjoying them so I appreciate the support.

Until tomorrow!

January Trees

I find January to be one of my least favorite months, if not the least. The holidays are over, the decorations are down, there’s nothing really to look forward to, often the weather is crap, it still gets dark a little too early, etc.

But today I took a walk around my area at a break and took a picture of what our January trees look like. These are not ever greens obviously, I didn’t take pictures of those trees who maintain their leaves year round. But these naked trees are also part of what I don’t like about January. As you will see though you can’t beat that blue sky.

Back but tired

I am back from my short trip but quite tired. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. No I did not win anything this time.

Bloody Mary
Slot Machine
Room view

Glass Sculpture thing in hallway of hotel

Fun times but I sure am feeling glad I took tomorrow off too.

Christmas Lights Walk With Me

There is a neighborhood near us (wealthy LOL) who really do it up for Christmas lights. Every house has decorations. Some more than others, but not a single house does not participate. Since J asked, I thought it would be fun to post the pictures I took of the neighbor hood.

Now you can feel like you went through the neighborhood too! They even play music and have lights across the interlinking streets that connect the whole thing overhead. It’s pretty awesome

Merry Christmas


Today was gone all day to Solvang and Ventura Harbor

Here are some pictures

Coffee and pastries are always on the menu in Solvang
The Harbor was decked out for Christmas
Christmas at the Harbor

More Holiday Related Pictures

Got a request to post some more pictures so here you go! Hope you enjoy a look into the lives of me and M and our family!

Our house as decorated for fall (please excuse any mess LOL)
Front of our house ready for Christmas!

And now some from my sister’s as J asked. Yes we did decorate her house. For two fricking days!

Sister’s Tree – Pretty right but not as cool as mine, you will notice several gingerbread as that is what she is into!
Front yard of sister…yes I bought her that elf ha ha. The Santa waves (sometimes), they look better at night of course
Looking into sister’s house, I bought her some of those garden stakes you see there including the elf and the gingerbreads.

There you have it!

By the way, we put up Mom’s stocking and put a black band around it in memory.

As the holidays approach you might get more if you are interested


So as you know the flashes begin tomorrow and in the meantime I thought it would be fun to share a picture of this year’s Christmas tree.

Oh my yes that is an Enterprise tree topper. Yes you can all be envious. It is interactive and as awesome as it looks.

In addition, I have all the Mirror ornaments that interact with each other, also quite awesome. I would have posted a video but WordPress won’t let me unless I pay extra so that’s a nope.

I saw some people shitting on the Mirror ornaments on Tumblr but since I have them in person I can tell you that they are incredible and loads of fun. Are they exact replicas of the actors? Nope, but they are close enough and their dialogue and sound effects are from the episode. It is a delight.

See you tomorrow and Happy Holidays!

My Trip

My mother liked to gamble much of her life.

When my father was alive, they both loved Vegas. So much so that they briefly lived there after my mother retired. They had to be brought back from there because they couldn’t stop spending money but that’s another story.

When we would take my mother to Vegas, while we were checking in, she was already sitting at a machine. Up until the pandemic hit, she played bingo every Wednesday at the local Elks Lodge. Over the years, she won many jackpots (about $5,000 or so at a time mind).

So when we take these kinds of trips my mind is often on her. Definitely this time for a trip she would have loved. Back when she still could love anything (before dementia and Leukemia). More on that in a minute

Our view…pretty nice, yes?

So I was playing one of my favorite slot machines and playing the minimum bet of 88 cents per spin. I’d played about 9 or so spins when I got the bonus on it. That’s when this little jar’s lid closes. You get either the mini, the minor, the major or the grand jackpot. The mini was like $15. Almost 100% of the time that’s what I get. Once in a while I get the minor which is about $30-$60 depending on how recently it’s gone off. This time…

I got the grand. Which never happens on an 88 cent bet. Ask anyone. But it did. Yes, I won $17,000. It’s going into my retirement savings, but yes. It was a bit of an excitement. It’ll never happen again but my mother had a hand in it, I am convinced. I had her blessings as total this trip I ended up winning about $19,000 and my sister about $7,000. So yes, my mother blessed us.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to say because I didn’t want anyone to think I was bragging or whatever, but since you did ask, I am sharing here.

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