What’s going on…(isn’t that a Marvin Gaye song)

Here is a picture of the chocolate soufflé M made me for dessert for V Day.

So I am having some eyesight issues. A few days ago I saw flashes of light out of my right eye. I had been reading on my e-reader and I figured my eyes were just tired, closed out, and went to bed.

Alas ever since then my right eye has been experiencing floaters in front of my vision I’ve never had before. I tried to get in to see my optometrist, but he is semi-retired and can’t see me until Mid-March. I don’t want to wait that long so I am trying to get an appointment to see M’s ophthalmologist (M has Glaucoma and has had several eye surgeries). I have self-diagnosed that I have a Posterior Vitreous Detachment, which if so should be manageable with treatment and monitoring, but it could be much worse like a retinal tear, so I definitely want to get it checked.

This means even more slowing down on updates. I am doing some writing obviously but not as much so be warned. I am sure it will ultimately be all right.

In other news I’ll be going away for an overnighter this weekend. I took Monday off of work (it’s President’s Day though not a holiday for us) but I will be back Sunday night.

So that’s the latest. I know we’re all going through something. That seems to be the way of things these days.