Yes, I am doing it again

I’m itching to write two new stories.

The Jim cheats story (I need a title) and Vulcan Jim and Spock from Granted (they were a side couple and Spock from that universe was about to go through Pon Farr) Oh and I need a title for that.

And yes yes I know I have a billion wips. You try shutting my brain off.

It’s weird because last week I said to myself “yeah maybe it’s time to stop writing Spirk”. But hardly anyone is writing AOS anymore so I hate to abandon them.” I am literally the only fool I think writing them consistently since 2013.

And then just as I say to myself, this is it. When you are done with the stories you have going, you are done, I decide I have others I want to write. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I do hope to finish Something Stupid this week and Catch a Falling Star will be finished soon too. So I don’t know.

There you have me. I make no sense. I admit it

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