So feel free to add your own prompts on there if you want someone to choose to write them. I did several earlier this year in a similar thing on AO3

Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar is an annual fest celebrating Kirk/Spock throughout the month of December via fic, art, vids, and other forms of fannish expression. The fest takes place on the AO3: K/S Advent Calendar 2022 Collection.

The gorgeous header art for K/S Advent was created by Page of Wands (you can find her on Tumblr and AO3).

Schedule for 2022:

Sign-ups and prompt posts: September 1 – 30 Prompt claims and creation period: September 1 – November 20 Works due: November 20 Works revealed (gradually): Dec 1 – 31

More information can be found here: Advent Calendar

It should be fun, and no it doesn’t mean I won’t be writing my usual December stuff as well