I’m only working three days this week and then I am off on a little get away before the holiday weekend. Not sure I will have time to update anything else. Friday the 1st is the firs Christmas in July offering.

In the meantime, try these!

What I See well not this is an early one, dating back to 2014, Got it done in about a month

This actually is the middle part of a series about the same Kirk and Spock. I didn’t set out to make them the same but they ended up that way.

The first one concerns how they got together, Conduct Unbecoming. The second one is the angsty What I See, where Jim gets blinded. Notes from a Conference is old married Spirk. I recommend you read them all.

They make up the Forever series.

So again, in order Conduct Unbecoming, What I See and Notes from a Conference.