I am working diligently (or attempting to) on the final chapter of my 5 Things story. It’s about half done and I’m working on the sexy times part or about to, anyway. That will be my next update before the next chapter of The Mysterious One.

In other news I am rewriting the first two chapters of the Jim cheats on Spock story, Not too Few Regrets. I started it as first person but decided to go back to third and I intend to change the title. It’s going to be angsty obviously when i start posting it again but I want to get a bit done before that happens.

Still have a few Christmas in July’s to write but I am in pretty good shape there.

Sister just feels like she has a cold though still testing positive. Next week we go to Morro Bay for a couple of days June 30-July02. She thinks she will be good to go so the three of us are planning on it. Me, M, and Sister.

Over time continues. I did get an extra $200 last paycheck and an extra $400 this latest one so there is that. Given the prices of everything and my upcoming trip to Vegas at the end of August I’ll need it.

Last night we actually got a touch of rain and it’s 90ish today. Many parts of the country have it worse weather wise than us so I am not complaining! Yet.

If you are looking for something to read of mine, I will suggest Potions. I can’t link to it at the moment but if you find my “Stand Alone Series” it’s number 21.

I leave you with a picture of M’s world famous red, white and blue margaritas, this was from Memorial Day this year.