Okay everyone, a gentle reminder that I will be gone beginning this Saturday, March 19 and won’t return to real world communication until Thursday March 24.

I have tomorrow’s flash done but I still need Friday’s, and Monday and Wednesday of next week (next Friday too really but I can always throw something together for that day on Thursday or post a repeat if I can’t get it done. I do have a birthday flash for Kris on Saturday already scheduled.

I am going to try to get My Heart Wants to Sigh finished this week. Have two more chapters to go. That will finish off two of my WIPs. So theoretically I can begin posting three new stories. Right? HA HA.

I really want to get The Mysterious One finished as it’s the longest running mess that it is but I don’t think I can conclude it soon so I don’t want to put off new work in the meantime. It’s a beast and it’s just not ready to be finished.

I am moving Our So-Called Life into Jim’s adulthood soon and that will bring him into the Academy with Spock. Which is where I think it would be headed at some point. I don’t know how much longer I will go on that once that happens, we shall see.

The other stuff isn’t really ready to be finished though I do think I might be able to wrap up I Dream of Jim before the others. But I am getting massively ahead of myself.

I’d like to begin posting Spring Break, while that still applies, ha, and Joined as well at the sequel to Didn’t We Almost Have it All.

Anyway that’s enough rambling for anyone!

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com