And yes, the damn thing posted before I wanted it too, grrrrrr

So coming up this month, the week of August 16th, I’ll be going away. No, no, not permanently.

But I have that week off and my sister and I are taking a trip to Valley View in San Diego County. This trip is for her, honestly. Just as the one in June really was. For a couple of years as my mother’s health declined and the pandemic hit, my sister cared for her and couldn’t do much of anything. She loved to go to Vegas and casinos etc. My mother did too. And all of that stopped.

Anyway, I picked the casino we would because I love the hotel with its free sit down breakfast and infinity pool. It overlooks the mountains and as I have sat there in the past in the patio area, I feel at peace. There are a handful of places I feel this sense of peace and that is one of them.

We planned this trip back in June before Delta. We are both fully vaccinated and plan to wear masks around others. This helps with the smoke too. Is it the ideal time? No. But life does and must go on, so we are going and taking every precaution we can. I feel fairly sure that I am way more anxious about it than she is, but that is the story of my life. I have plenty of anxiety for both of us.

Anyway, I hope to have my three flashes done for that week and prescheduled, but it’s likely I won’t be responding to comments. At least right away.

That’s my story