I’m still here.

I have today off from work and am going over to my sister’s later. Try out her new pool and spend time together as a family. I’ll return to work tomorrow.

Ma was Catholic so we are doing a funeral mass for her as well as internment at the cemetery after for her ashes. Years ago when my dad died and was cremated, she bought a plot next to his, so in this way, they will once more be together. Unfortunately, I guess these arrangements take time and with the holiday coming up, the services won’t be until after Memorial Day. We wanted it as soon as possible, for pretty obvious reasons, but that wasn’t going to be granted to us.

I’ll take my three bereavement days I get at work when the service is. Yeah three days to grieve your loved ones doesn’t seem nearly enough does it?

Anyway, some time this week, if I feel like it, I will take a stab at the other chapter that remains on One More Night. No promises, but I am thinking about it.

Thank you all for your condolences.

Here are flowers we received from M’s cousin.