For those of you who suggested the title for my Christmas story, Let Nothing You Dismay, and I did not keep a tally, so we are on the honor system here….

Please leave me a comment as to what you’d like to see in a Jim/Spock flash and it will appear in February. Please be as specific as you can (try not to say Jim and Spock on the bridge but something more like Jim and Spock on the bridge after a fight ha ha, you get it). It’s a flash though so please nothing that will take me five years to flesh out! Also please indicate AOS or TOS. If you don’t indicate, I will assume AOS and act accordingly.

Okay looks like the only two I am missing flash fic ideas from are lpwriter and Parker. I looked it up.


Let nothing you dismay gets my vote!


I think Let Nothing You Dismay is really fitting for the theme & plot planned out. I also love single dad Jim with a little girl

So…lpwriter and Parker if you’d like me to write a Spirk Flash in February please either comment or email me at if you are feeling shy about posting your idea on here.