Okay so I have one more flash(ish) story to write for June.(No longer true, I have finished June now) I also have the first two written for July. Still if I continue with MWF flashes for July that means I have 12 to go there. So yeah.

This means no updates on AO3. Sorry. But that’s the way it must be until I get some sort of breathing room on those flashes.

I am supposed to post my T’hy’la Bang story on Monday, June 22. I have not heard from my artist in weeks even though I have emailed her. Sigh.

Anyway the story is lovely if I do say so myself so I hope you will enjoy!

I’m going to give some serious thought to whether I want to do flashes MWF in August. It’s not that I don’t love the flashes but I also have to begin preparing for 25 days of December, if I am going to do that again, and that takes a ton of writing, so…I may drop to say M and F for August, September, October, and November. We shall see where and how far along I can get on other things.


Mylochka’s art from one of my stories.