He was pretty sure based on the way his leg was twisted and bent beneath him that it was broken. He was also certain he had a pretty nasty head wound. Warm blood still flowed from it.

And no one was around.

He honestly figured this was it. The end. Again.

He’d died before and it felt like this. Hopeless. Painful. Over.

He sucked in a painful breath that caused him to cough and blood splurted from his mouth. Great. Just…

Strange bell-like sound and then—

“Enterprise, I’ve found the captain. Two to beam up.”

His eyes closed as Spock leaned over him.

His eyes opened as Bones leaned over him.

“How are you feeling?”

“Pretty terrible.”

A nod.

“It’s okay, Jim. You’re going to be okay.”


And then Bones moved away and it was Spock leaning over him.

Jim smiled weakly. “Hey thanks.”

“Your thanks are not necessary.”

“Still. Bones says…gonna live. You saved…”

Spock kissed his forehead. “Rest and save your strength, t’hy’la.”

He frowned as Spock moved away.

Bones reappeared. “What’s the matter?”

“Did Spock just kiss me?”