So I’ve been working the past few days on the Bang story. A major check-in date is this Saturday. I have to have 75% done in order to be paired with an artist for the final reveal in June. I’m thinking now that my story will be at most 17,000 words and I am at almost 11,000 now. Which means I need about 13,000 (12,750 I think lol) to hit that. So that’s a couple thousand more by Saturday. Which I think I can do. We shall see! ha ha

Anyway, that being said, I won’t have any updates this week otherwise.

I was thinking this morning that by the end of April, I have another like 17 days of staying here. And I work in LA which has actually extended the social distancing until at least May 15th (I think maybe will extend to end of May, I don’t know) it will be even longer. Strange times.

I’m so torn about it all, because I want people to be able to get back to work, I really do, so I am glad I am not a government official trying to decide all this, because while absolutely the virus is scary, not knowing how you are going to live and pay your bills is pretty damn scary too.

Tomorrow’s flash is, I’m afraid, one I have done some version of a hundred times at least. I realized it as I read it over. It’s not at all original, but, um, there you have it. I hope you will enjoy it anyway.

Friday’s is a bit of the beginning of a story I am considering, so, full disclosure, it’s not really a complete story flash, and it’s definitely not a happy ending.

Work at home is what it is. All right. Because the alternative no job is even uglier right now. And no, I have not received the stimulus money. If I do get it, it’s going to bills.

And honestly, that’s it. I don’t have any pretty pictures to share today, so you get one from wordpress.