Beauty in March

If you are staying home because, well, you know why… I thought I’d give you some ideas for Spirk fan fiction to keep you occupied!

Some of these are my own stories and some are not…obviously. I will stick with completed works out of mercy.

  1. The one that started it all…The Bond Between Them. See where I started and perhaps learn how far I’ve come. Or not. LOL
  2. In the mood for my longest work? Going Boldly is it.
  3. Antigravity (by Sinestrated) among the first ones I read.
  4. The Broken Road (also by Sinestrated) fun fact (also known as the one that got away) Sinestrated wrote a story where Jim had supernatural powers, but she only got to chapter 6 before she decided not to write anymore and deleted it. I loved that story and it was the inspiration for my own supernatural Jim story, The Mysterious One
  5. This one is super super tough to read, not going to lie. Angst times 100. But also quite excellent. You have to have an account to read it. The ending is…happyish? Sorta. There is love. To the Victor by Obsidienne.
  6. Lessons of Love by me. Still my most popular story. Don’t know why. It just is.
  7. The Finer Things. Also by me. Interestingly enough there is an illness in this story that affects the crew including Jim. I particularly loved the title of this and how I tie it in.
  8. Moan by leah8. Sex really.
  9. Personal Reflection by Raven Knight. Old TOS Jim. Must be a member to read.
  10. Rhadamanthus by spqr. Not sure what it is about this one. I just…read it, if you want. I loved it.
  11. Only in My Dreams by me. Sex. Lots.
  12. Who Am I to Say by me. First Bang story.
  13. Shine Like the Sun by Kyleselle. Not sure this one is available anywhere online these days as it was on LiveJournal. But I have a PDF copy for anyone who wants to email me for it. Probably my all time favorite non-me Spirk, LOL.
  14. Taste Test by noodleinabarrel. Too cute for words. Spock has a sweet tooth.
  15. Susceptible by EntreNous. Hurt/Comfort, Jim is sick and grumpy
  16. Terran Moon Rising by Froggyflan. A definite favorite.
  17. The Steadfastness of the Stars by itsnatalie. Some amazing details. Riveting story. And two idiots realizing they are in love. Creepy aliens, too.
  18. Wonderful Life by me. Another Bang story.
  19. Tonight I’m F*cking You by me. The one with the affair (channeling friends the tv show and their titles)
  20. First Impressions by me. A Pro-Cadet story.

And that should do you for now. If you’d like more suggestions, let me know.